Fellas Nigel and Krishnan’s Week 1 to now transformations are epic!

It’s Week 8 on Strictly Come Dancing and things are heating up in the ballroom as the competition enters its fiercest stage. With eight celebrities still in the running, the pressure is on to bring their A-game to the dance floor. And as the competition heats up, it’s time to take a closer look at who has undergone the biggest transformations since Week 1.

Let’s start with Nigel Harman, the EastEnders star who burst onto the Strictly scene with a powerful Pasa Doble to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Nigel quickly became a fan favorite and one of the top contenders to take home the glitterball trophy. However, as the weeks have gone by, it seems like Nigel may have hit a roadblock in his progress. Viewers have noticed a decline in Nigel’s performances, with some questioning whether he’s living up to the initial promise he showed in Week 1. Ouch.

In fact, Nigel’s chances in the competition have regressed, with the former EastEnders star falling behind the likes of Ellie Leach in the race for the top spot. Will Nigel be able to recapture the magic that made him a standout in the early weeks of the competition? Only time will tell.

And then there’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy, the lovable Channel 4 newsreader who may not be at the top of the bookies’ odds, but has certainly won over the hearts of viewers with his hard work and dedication to improving on the dance floor. Krishnan’s transformation from his first dance to now has been nothing short of impressive. Viewers have commended him for his marked improvement and sheer enthusiasm, noting that if the competition were based on improvement alone, Krishnan would be the runaway winner.

“Krishnan what a transformation from your first dance, if the competition was based on improving then you would win it by a mile, who knew you could groove it out to Paul Simon. Brilliant,” wrote one impressed viewer. Another added, “Can see so much improvement from Krishnan from week 1.”

It’s clear that Krishnan’s infectious enthusiasm and dedication have won him a legion of fans, but will it be enough to keep him in the competition as the race for the glitterball trophy heats up?

As Strictly fans continue to speculate on the fates of Nigel and Krishnan, it’s clear that one thing is for certain – the competition is far from over, and anything can happen in the world of ballroom dancing. With each passing week, the transformations and surprises continue to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating what the next episode will bring.

What are your thoughts on the progress of Nigel and Krishnan in the competition? Have they lived up to your expectations, or do you think they still have some work to do? Let us know in the comments and join the discussion on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix! And remember, keep on dancing!

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