EastEnders Christmas: 7 juicy storylines to festive chaos, drama, and hilarity!

Get ready for the chaos, drama, and mystery of the EastEnders Christmas special! Here are seven storylines to look forward to this year.

1. The Six Commit Murder
In a shocking flashforward, we saw Suki Panesar, Kathy Beale, Stacey Slater, Denise Fox, Sharon Watts, and Linda Carter gathered around a dead male body in The Vic. Who’s dead? The possibilities are endless, and just about every man in Walford is a potential victim. Who dies, who did it, and why? We can’t wait to find out!

2. Sharon and Keanu’s Wedding
Sharon is getting married, but to who? She’s rekindled her engagement to Keanu, who recently staged a kidnapping plot that resulted in Albie being taken from Sharon. Will their marriage survive when the truth comes out? Could Keanu be the body on the floor?

3. Karen’s Exit
Actress Lorraine Stanley is leaving EastEnders after six years, and there’s a hint that her character, Karen Taylor, may die. With the kidnap plot spinning out of control and her turning against Keanu, Karen could be feeling the need to make a quick exit from Walford. Will she take the money and run, or will she end up behind bars?

4. Sam Causes Trouble
Sam Mitchell is back and is set to cause trouble. After leaving to earn money for her son Ricky, who got Lily Slater pregnant, what has she been up to? Phil will have to save his sister once again, but will she ever learn?

5. Suki and Nish’s Drama
Suki Panesar wants to be with Eve Unwin, but is living a lie with her husband, Nish. As she makes a big decision this autumn, the consequences will be significant. Nish will find out about her and Eve before Christmas, and the fallout will be huge.

6. Cindy and George Reunite?
Cindy and George will spend Christmas Day together as the Knights and Beales unite. However, Cindy is drawn very closely to George, and an affair could be on the cards for these exes. Will Ian and Elaine be left heartbroken?

7. Rocky’s Exit
Rocky Cotton is in a mess with mountains of debt, a gambling addiction, and setting fire to the cafe in an insurance job gone wrong. The fire has put Kathy’s grandsons in the hospital, and next week, Kathy herself is arrested because of it. Will Rocky be forced to leave Walford, or will he end up in prison, leaving Kathy brokenhearted?

So buckle up for a wild, entertaining, and dramatic EastEnders Christmas special full of love, heartache, and maybe even a murder or two. We can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

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