Does Peter Barlow sail the world in his Coronation Street exit?

does peter barlow sail the world in his coronation street exit

Peter Barlow’s possible exit from Coronation Street was teased as he tried to convince Carla to leave Weatherfield and crew a yacht. But is this really how he will leave the soap as Chris Gascoyne’s departure nears?

Since Peter killed Stephen Reid last month, he has been struggling with his demons once again. He’s been getting closer to ex Toyah as she supports him, and he’s been battling the urge to drink again. He’s also been attending AA meetings. As for Carla, she left him to deal with everything alone while she went to Spain to save the business. Unfortunately, her efforts were unsuccessful, and she returned home to find out about Ken’s concerns regarding Peter’s drinking. Carla has been trying to support him, but when the factory was thrown into chaos again, she had to divert her attention away from her marriage. Fans have been unhappy with how Carla has prioritized the business over her marriage, as it seems to go against her character’s fiercely loyal nature.

In a recent episode, Carla was fighting to save the factory after the police revealed they couldn’t trace the cash that Stephen stole. The workers hadn’t been paid, and Carla knew that if they could just get an order out, they would have cash on delivery that she could use to pay the wages. However, she lied to the staff about the situation until the truth came out, leading to the workers walking out. Peter stepped in to save the day, but he surprised Carla when he suggested they should leave Weatherfield and sail the world.

He shared his idea of crewing a yacht in Majorca with Carla, but she rejected the idea, saying it was too sudden and unthought out. This rejection left Peter looking depressed and defeated. The show has confirmed that there will be a special two-hander episode with Peter and Carla on Boxing Day, so if Peter is going to set sail, it probably won’t be next week. Producer Iain MacLeod revealed that Peter’s exit storyline is building towards a bittersweet and brilliant departure, with hopes that the door will be left open for his return. Chris Gascoyne, who plays Peter, confirmed earlier this year that he was taking a break from the show.

So, will Peter really sail the world without Carla? Will the call of the sea be too much for him to resist? All will be revealed as Coronation Street continues to unfold.