Is Mary Lou Retton ready to disclose her health issues after hospitalization?

Mary Lou Retton, the former Olympic champion, has made her first public statement after being hospitalized due to a rare form of pneumonia. In an Instagram post, Retton expressed her gratitude for the love and support she has received during this challenging time. She acknowledged that her recovery process will be long and slow but remains positive and surrounded by her family.

The news about Retton’s hospitalization was initially shared by her daughter, McKenna Kelley, who revealed that her mother was in the ICU, fighting for her life and unable to breathe on her own. While Kelley did not disclose all the details of Retton’s condition out of respect for her privacy, she did mention that her mother was not insured.

Kelley did confirm that Retton was suffering from a rare form of pneumonia but refrained from sharing further information. Retton also expressed her intention not to discuss her health issues at this time but assured her followers that she would share more when the time is right.

Retton appreciated everyone’s understanding and respect for her privacy during this challenging period. She emphasized her desire to help others facing similar battles by sharing more information about her health issues in the future.

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