What is the exclusive news about Thailand’s horror thriller ‘River of Blood’ in AFM?

Reinvent International Sales is bringing Howard J. Ford’s latest work, “River of Blood,” a psychological thriller, to audiences soon. The film is set to commence shooting in Thailand and will be presented to buyers at the American Film Market.

Overview and Cast

The film has assembled an impressive cast, including Joseph Millson from “Casino Royale,” Louis James from “Help,” Ella Starbuck from “Witch,” David Wayman from “The Ledge,” and Sarah A. Marks from “Witch.”

Penned by Tom Boyle, the storyline follows two young couples who embark on a luxurious holiday at a jungle resort. As part of their adventure, they decide to go on a kayaking tour through the jungle, only to witness their guide, Ritchie, suddenly vanish without a trace.

Unaware of the dangers that lie ahead, the couples unintentionally wander into the territory of an Indigenous tribe known for their gruesome rituals and cannibalistic practices. What was initially meant to be a dream vacation quickly turns into a horrifying fight for survival on sacred grounds.

Director’s Experience

Howard J. Ford, known for his work on films such as “The Dead,” “The Ledge,” “Never Let Go,” and the horror thriller “The Lockdown Hauntings,” brings his expertise to “River of Blood.” His previous works have proven his ability to deliver captivating and terrifying cinematic experiences.

International Potential

REinvent CEO Rikke Ennis expressed her confidence in the film’s international success after reading the script. Ennis, who previously ran TrustNordisk, recognized the enormous potential that “River of Blood” holds with its terrifying horror elements and Ford’s exceptional directing skills. This combination is definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

Helene Aurø, sales and marketing director at REinvent, also highlighted the quality of Ford’s work and its global appeal. Howard J. Ford’s ability to create cinematic experiences that resonate with worldwide audiences is a testament to his talent.

AFM Presentation and Genre Slate

“River of Blood” is one of the many horror projects that REinvent will be showcasing at the American Film Market, where streamers and buyers alike are eager for thrilling content. REinvent’s genre film lineup also includes Ludvig Gür’s “In the Name of God,” a thrilling tale of vengeance as a 40-year-old priest seeks justice for his wife.


River of Blood
Credit: Latitude Films

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