What were the gruesome details behind the death of model Maleesa Mooney?

Last month, we were shocked to learn about the tragic deaths of two models in their apartments in Los Angeles. The police were quick to deny any connection between the cases, and Nichole Coats’ cause of death was ruled as accidental. Now, the Los Angeles County Examiner has provided some gruesome details about how the second model, Maleesa Mooney, met her untimely demise.

According to reports from PEOPLE, the official cause of Maleesa Mooney’s death has been determined as “homicidal violence.” However, despite this revelation, no suspects have been apprehended as of yet.

Surveillance footage from Maleesa’s apartment complex shows her on September 6, the last recorded sighting of her. Sadly, a welfare check conducted six days later on September 12 led to the horrifying discovery of her body. Maleesa, who was reportedly two months pregnant, was found beaten, bound, and stuffed into her own refrigerator.

The autopsy report indicated that the blunt force injuries observed during the examination were not immediately life-threatening. However, considering the circumstances in which Maleesa was found, it suggests that she had been involved in a violent altercation prior to her death.

The medical examiner also mentioned traces of cocaine and alcohol in Maleesa’s system. However, it remains uncertain whether these substances played a role in her tragic demise.

Jourdine Pauline, Maleesa’s sister, bravely shared news of her sibling’s pregnancy with the media. She also spoke to PEOPLE about the state of Maleesa’s apartment after her body was discovered.

Jourdine described the crime scene as “chilling” and recounted the devastating struggle her sister must have gone through. She expressed her disbelief and confusion, stating that many aspects just don’t add up. Jourdine remarked, “It was honestly so chilling. I’ve never experienced anything like that before.” She feels that whatever happened to Maleesa was both terrifying and traumatic.

Interestingly, Maleesa’s death occurred just two days after Nichole Coats’ untimely passing on September 10. The medical examiner recently ruled Nichole’s death as accidental, but the case remains open. Nichole was found with her legs up in the air and a bloody bed, indicating a distressing and violent end.

It is hard to comprehend the unimaginable pain and suffering that both Maleesa Mooney and Nichole Coats went through. As we wait for justice to be served and for answers to emerge, let us keep their families and loved ones in our thoughts.