Did Chloe Madeley and James Haskell surprise everyone with their unexpected split announcement after five years of marriage?

In a surprising turn of events, Chloe Madeley and James Haskell have announced that they are splitting up after being married for five years. The former couple made the news public through a joint statement released today.

In the statement, Chloe said, “James and I have mutually decided to separate at the end of September, 2023.” She also expressed that they hadn’t planned on making their split public at this time, but the constant speculation about their marriage had unfortunately forced them to do so.

Chloe continued, “Beyond this statement, we will not be speaking about this matter publicly, and we would request privacy at this time. Our sole focus now is our beautiful daughter, and we shall continue to co-parent with nothing but love.”

A hint on Instagram

Just a couple of weeks before the announcement, James Haskell posted a cryptic message on Instagram, which hinted at some trouble in their relationship. The 38-year-old former rugby player was seen chatting with a mystery blonde, while Chloe was spotted without her wedding ring during a night out with friends.

In response to the situation, James shared a video on Instagram with a remix of Ace of Base’s song, “All That She Wants,” alongside the caption, “Live a lonely life!” Meanwhile, Chloe posted pictures of their daughter Bodhi on Instagram, mentioning that she was a great hangover cure.

According to reports, Chloe was slightly annoyed and upset over the photos of James with the other woman. A close friend revealed that Chloe wanted to show James what he was missing and wore a revealing outfit for that purpose.

Chloe recently opened up about how James’ DJing had become a source of contention in their marriage. She expressed her frustration, saying that she didn’t mind him doing his job, but she didn’t want him to put it on social media, especially when everyone knew she was his wife. She also mentioned feeling alone a lot due to James’ busy schedule.

The couple had one of their biggest fights when James booked a DJ gig with Carl Cox while Chloe was due to give birth. Chloe revealed that James used statistics against her, pointing out that less than five percent of babies are born on their due date.

Moving forward

While their marriage may have come to an end, Chloe and James are determined to focus on their daughter and continue co-parenting with love. They have asked for privacy and have stated that they will not be discussing the matter publicly beyond their initial statement.

As news of their split spreads, fans and followers are left with questions about what led to the separation and what the future holds for both Chloe and James. Only time will tell how they navigate this new chapter in their lives.

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