Is Jaidyn Alexis signing a record deal deserving of congratulations?

Four months after making her music debut with her hit song “Stewie,” rising rapper Jaidyn Alexis has signed a major record deal with Columbia Records. The exciting news was announced by Jaidyn herself on her Instagram account on Tuesday (Oct. 24). She shared a carousel post featuring photos of her at Columbia’s headquarters, celebrating her new partnership.

In the caption of her Instagram post, Jaidyn quoted a line from her latest song “Barbie,” saying, “First lady, yea, I’m signed and sealed with a deal.” The announcement comes just a week after Jaidyn and her fianc√© Blueface had a meeting with Columbia Records. Blueface, a rapper and founder of the independent label MILF Music, has referred to Jaidyn as the “first lady” of his label.

In a Twitter post on October 18, Blueface explained his goal for Jaidyn’s music career, stating that MILF Music is an independent company that will be a part of Jaidyn’s record deal. Blueface mentioned that his main focus is to get Jaidyn a certified record that will be played on the radio, and that’s where the involvement of a major label like Columbia Records comes in. With this deal, it seems Blueface’s plan is on track.

Blueface was also present with Jaidyn when she officially signed her deal with Columbia Records. In a video that was shared by The Shade Room on Instagram, Blueface addressed the representatives from Columbia Records, emphasizing his role as the marketing and budget behind Jaidyn’s career. He claimed that he now owns the label and that they work for MILF Music.

Jaidyn’s success has been steadily growing in recent months. Her song “Barbie” reached number 13 on Billboard’s Top 50 TikTok chart, and it currently has over 3.8 million views on YouTube. This track is one of four that Jaidyn has released since June, and it has been gaining popularity and recognition.

As for the artist herself, Jaidyn hasn’t said much else about her record deal accomplishment. She has re-shared a few congratulatory posts on her Twitter account, expressing her excitement and gratitude for this opportunity.

In addition to her music career milestone, Jaidyn also received another exciting win recently. Blueface proposed to her at an NFL game in Los Angeles on Sunday. The couple has been dating on and off since high school and they have two children together, a son named Javaughn and a toddler daughter named Journey.

The future looks bright for Jaidyn Alexis as she begins this new chapter in her career with Columbia Records. With the support of Blueface and their collective efforts through MILF Music, she is poised to become one of the hottest artists in the industry by 2024.

This is certainly a significant moment for Jaidyn and her fans, and we can’t wait to see what she will achieve as she continues to make waves in the music industry. Congratulations, Jaidyn!

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