Is Lupita Nyong’o announcing a split from boyfriend Selema Masekela?

Lupita Nyong’o, the talented 40-year-old actress known for her role in “Black Panther,” took to social media on Thursday (October 19) to announce her breakup from boyfriend Selema Masekela. While acknowledging the importance of the world’s current issues and expressing her thoughts for those who are suffering, Lupita felt it was necessary to share her personal truth and publicly distance herself from someone she can no longer trust.

In a heartfelt statement, Lupita revealed that she is going through a season of heartbreak after a love that was suddenly and devastatingly extinguished by deception. She contemplated retreating into the shadows to heal, but ultimately decided to face the pain head-on. Lupita acknowledged that her capacity for love is directly proportional to the magnitude of her pain, and she believes that embracing the pain will lead to resilience and fearlessness in the future.

By sharing her experience, Lupita aims to keep it real and hopes that her story can provide solace and wisdom to others who may be going through their own heartbreak. She emphasized the importance of confronting our pain rather than spreading it, acknowledging that escaping from the pain hinders personal growth and the invaluable insights that come from such experiences.

The public first became aware of Lupita and Selema’s relationship in December 2022. Lupita shared a now-deleted reel on her social media, featuring the couple participating in “The King’s Affirmation” challenge. In the caption, she expressed how well they clicked and tagged Selema, using hashtags such as #thisismylove and #nuffsaid. However, fans speculate that they may have been together even before that public display of affection.

It is worth mentioning that several high-profile couples have also called it quits in 2023, making Lupita’s announcement a part of a larger trend in the celebrity world.