Does the Marvel Director prefer James Gunn or Zack Snyder to run DC Studios?

The ongoing battle between fans of Zack Snyder and James Gunn has been raging ever since it was announced that James Gunn would be rebooting the DC Universe. Mohamed Diab, the director of Marvel’s “Moon Knight,” recently shared his thoughts on the matter, stating that Snyder’s DC films simply “didn’t appeal to him.”

In a recent interview with Arabic Marvel, Diab discussed his experience working on “Moon Knight” and also expressed his hopes for James Gunn’s DC Studios. He admitted that he was never a big fan of Snyder’s DC Universe films, saying, “The last film, [Zack Snyder’s] Justice League, was significantly better than the first version, but in the end, Snyder’s work in all the movies he made didn’t appeal to me.”

Diab went on to praise James Gunn, calling him a “great artist” and a “clever writer.” He believes that Gunn’s work with DC will be excellent and hopes that people won’t just criticize him without giving him a chance. Diab understands that losing the DC audience would be detrimental to Gunn’s career, but he also recognizes him as an artist who will create wonderful things.

It’s heartening to see Mohamed Diab, a director from Marvel Studios, showing support for James Gunn as he embarks on his journey with DC Studios. While Diab’s opinion shouldn’t sway fans’ perception of Snyder’s DCU films, it could potentially help bridge the divide within the community.

In other news related to “Moon Knight,” actor Oscar Isaac recently hinted at the possibility of a second season during his panel at New York Comic-Con. When asked if he plans to return to the role, Isaac cryptically responded, “All I can say is it is not the last we’ve heard of the system that is Moon Knight.” This suggests that there may be more to come for the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Moon Knight,” developed by Jeremy Slater, aired as a six-episode series on Disney Plus earlier this year. While Marvel has not yet announced a second season, the show’s finale left the door open for the character to make a return in the MCU. The series explores the story of Marc Spector, a man with dissociative identity disorder, and reveals that he has a third persona named “Jake Lockley” who works with the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu.

Starring Oscar Isaac, May Calamawy, Karim El Hakim, F. Murray Abraham, Ethan Hawke, and more, “Moon Knight” has been a hit with audiences. It is available for streaming on Disney Plus.


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