What are some of the sweetest BFF moments between Hallmark’s Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker?

Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker became close friends thanks to Hallmark, where they first met on the set of the 2016 movie, “A Dream of Christmas.” Their friendship blossomed as they continued to work together in films like “The Perfect Catch” in 2017 and “Sweet Autumn” in 2020. In 2022, they were even given their own franchise on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries called “Curious Caterer Mysteries.”

During an exclusive interview with Us Weekly in February 2023, while promoting their second sleuth film, “Curious Caterer: Grilling Season,” DeLoach expressed her genuine love for Andrew, saying that he is like family to her. She feels incredibly lucky to be able to work alongside him and be a part of these movies.

Similarly, Walker shared his admiration for DeLoach, mentioning that she is always there for him and supports him. He appreciates the challenges she presents to him, as it helps him grow as an actor and person. He also described their friendship as a beautiful thing.

Their camaraderie continues to shine as they join forces once again for “Curious Caterer: Fatal Vows,” which was released eight months after their interview.

Here are some of DeLoach and Walker’s most heartwarming BFF moments:

(Note: Images of these special moments can be found below)
1. On the set of “A Dream of Christmas” (2016): This is where it all began. Nikki and Andrew first met while filming this Hallmark movie and instantly hit it off. Their chemistry on and off screen was apparent from the start.

2. Working together on “The Perfect Catch” (2017): Nikki and Andrew’s friendship continued to grow as they played love interests in this sports-themed Hallmark movie. Their on-screen romance was a hit with viewers, and their real-life bond was even stronger.

3. Collaborating on “Sweet Autumn” (2020): This heartwarming film showcased DeLoach and Walker’s undeniable chemistry once again. The movie’s success further solidified their friendship as they continued to support and uplift each other.

4. Launching “Curious Caterer Mysteries” (2022): Nikki and Andrew were given the opportunity to star in their own Hallmark franchise. This venture not only allowed them to explore more complex characters but also strengthened their friendship as they embarked on this exciting journey together.

These moments, captured both on and off set, are a testament to Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker’s genuine friendship. They have found a special connection within the Hallmark family that goes beyond their professional lives.

As fans of Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker, we look forward to witnessing more of their heartwarming moments and on-screen collaborations in the future. Their bond is truly something to be cherished and celebrated.