Did an Austrian village switch its name from F*cking to Fuddging due to ridicule?

Title: an Austrian Village Tired of Mockery Changed Its Name from F*cking to Fuddging


Today, we stumbled upon an intriguing story about a small Austrian village that decided enough was enough and put an end to the relentless mockery it faced due to its unfortunate name. Yes, you read it right – this village was previously known as F*cking, famously causing snickers and giggles among people worldwide. However, in a bid to revitalize their reputation, the villagers chose to adopt a new name: Fuddging. Allow us to take you on a lighthearted journey to discover more about this peculiar change and explore the reactions it has garnered.

A Village Tired of the Jokes:

Nestled amidst the serene Austrian countryside, F*cking village was initially named after its founder, an esteemed Bavarian nobleman. However, over time, the village’s name became a cause for endless mirth, spawning countless lewd jokes and attracting mischievous tourists seeking lewd photo opportunities. After years of enduring this relentless mockery, the villagers sought a change that would restore a modicum of dignity to their home.

Enter Fuddging:

In the face of the brash humor and worldwide ridicule, the community of F*cking rallied together to reinvent themselves. The village council declared that the change was necessary to shift the focus away from their scandalous name and to halt the flood of unwelcome notoriety. After much deliberation, the village ultimately settled on the name Fuddging.

A Casual and Creative Compromise:

Fuddging, chosen as a replacement name, cleverly mirrors the original name, offering a playful twist while distancing itself from the crude associations. The villagers aimed to preserve their connection to the past while embracing a more family-friendly identity. With this new name, Fuddging conveys a whimsical charm that reflects the unique spirit of the village.

Global Reaction:

Unsurprisingly, news of the village’s name change spread like wildfire across the internet, attracting widespread attention. While some embraced the change, appreciating the village’s determination to rejuvenate its reputation, others argued that it was an unnecessary shift driven by political correctness gone too far. Fuddging, however, sparks renewed intrigue and speculation, raising questions about how the village’s new identity will affect tourism and the mocking fascination it once garnered.

A Lesson in Resilience:

The residents of Fuddging serve as an example of resilience and resourcefulness. Instead of languishing in embarrassment, they took control of their destiny, finding a creative solution that allows them to shed unwanted attention without abandoning their heritage altogether. By reclaiming their village’s image, Fuddging paves the way for a brighter and more dignified future.


Discovering this tale of the Austrian village that tired of mockery and transformed itself from F*cking to Fuddging has certainly been an amusing revelation. While we cannot predict if the village’s new name will entirely erase their infamous past, it is undeniably a testament to the spirited determination of its residents. With Fuddging, the villagers have crafted a casual and creative compromise, allowing them to celebrate their heritage while forging a fresh identity free from global ridicule.