How does Vonshae Taylor-Morales react to Gunplay losing custody? (Exclusive Details)

Gunplay, the rapper known from “Love and Hip-Hop Miami,” has recently lost custody of his daughter, Osanna, to his estranged wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales. According to TMZ, the courts made this final decision after Gunplay failed to appear in court regarding the temporary restraining order that Vonshae currently has against him.

The Shade Room reached out to Vonshae for additional information, and she shared that the Department of Child and Family Services conducted an investigation and ultimately closed the case due to reasonable grounds for her claims. This decision played a crucial role in determining the custody ruling.

Gunplay’s arrest and charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, and child abuse had initially been made public by Vonshae. Following these incidents, Vonshae has been actively working on securing custody of their daughter.

“I was given custody of our daughter,” Vonshae told The Shade Room. Medical examiners have been monitoring Osanna’s condition, documenting the progression of her strangulation. While there was no major bodily harm reported, it was clearly documented that the incident occurred. Gunplay missed three hearings regarding the permanent restraining order against both of them. Vonshae has also requested a restraining order for Osanna until she reaches 18 years old and gains legal adulthood.

Gunplay’s only option for co-parenting is now through the court-monitored application, TalkingParents. All visits and interactions between Gunplay and Osanna need to be set and monitored by the court. The platform requires recorded visits, including videos, phone calls, and messages. TMZ was the first to report on these virtual visitation requirements.

Given Gunplay’s virtual visitation privileges, The Shade Room asked Vonshae if she would allow Osanna to have any contact with Gunplay’s family members. Vonshae clarified that most of them would not be welcomed. However, Gunplay’s son is always welcome to see his sister, and Vonshae’s close cousin can still come and check on Osanna. Vonshae’s stance towards the rest of Gunplay’s family is apparent when she said, “But everyone else can go to hell with him.”

In terms of financial support, Vonshae shared that the court has processed and accepted child support in her favor. However, she did not disclose the exact amount she would be receiving. The court will determine the final amount after Gunplay’s trial. For now, Gunplay is responsible for Osanna’s medical expenses, education, and childcare, according to Vonshae.

As of now, Gunplay has not reacted publicly to the court ruling. This situation has been closely followed, and there are no additional updates at this time.

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