Are celebs at Paris Fashion Week being warned about bringing bed bugs home?

Paris Fashion Week is now over, but for some unlucky individuals, the party is still going. Hollywood A-listers who attended the event could be bringing an unwanted souvenir back to the United States: bed bugs. The National Pest Management Association, an organization that specializes in pest control, is issuing a stern warning to these celebrities.

Dr. Jim Fredericks, a board-certified entomologist and senior public affairs VP at the National Pest Management Association, elaborates on the issue. Bed bugs are highly skilled hitchhikers and the chances of them catching a ride to the States from infested Paris are still high. However, there are measures that celebs can take to avoid this nightmare.

First and foremost, Dr. Fredericks advises any celebs who attended fashion shows or stayed at luxurious Paris hotels to thoroughly inspect their luggage and bedding. This applies to all hotels, regardless of their star rating. Bed bugs are not picky and can infest any setting.

In addition to checking for live bed bugs, Dr. Fredericks suggests looking for exoskeletons or fecal spots, as these are signs of a bed bug problem. As a preventive measure, he recommends storing luggage outside of bedrooms during visits.

Furthermore, it is wise to thoroughly inspect suitcases, backpacks, and other items before catching a flight back home to prevent the critters from hitching a ride across continents.

Even if you are confident that your belongings are bed bug-free, Dr. Fredericks advises anyone visiting Paris to wash all their clothes thoroughly and dry them on a high heat setting. After returning to the U.S., a trip to the dry cleaner wouldn’t hurt either, just to be on the safe side.

While bed bugs do not pose a risk of spreading diseases, they can be a major annoyance once they establish a presence. However, taking preemptive action can prevent this nuisance altogether.