Did an alleged CVS prescription mixup result in the death of Las Vegas woman’s unborn twins?

Imagine the joy and anticipation of expecting twins after struggling with fertility problems and undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF). This was the dream that Timika Thomas, a mother of four from Las Vegas, had. However, her dream turned into a devastating nightmare when an alleged prescription mixup at a CVS pharmacy led to the death of her unborn twins.

Understanding In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Before we delve into the tragic incident, let’s understand what IVF is. NHS reports that IVF is a technique used to help individuals with fertility problems conceive. It involves fertilizing an egg from a woman’s ovaries with sperm in a laboratory. The resulting embryo is then transferred back into the woman’s womb to develop.

The Alleged Prescription Mixup

In 2019, Timika Thomas and her husband decided to have another child through IVF. Thomas had already experienced two ectopic pregnancies, which resulted in the removal of her fallopian tubes. IVF seemed like the best option for them.

Thomas underwent the IVF procedure, and two fertilized eggs were implanted in her body. She was given multiple prescriptions, including one that would help her body produce enough hormones to support the pregnancy.

Trusting her medication, Thomas followed her doctor’s instructions. But after taking two doses, she began experiencing severe cramping that surpassed the usual discomfort associated with IVF. Something was wrong.

Thomas checked the label on the prescription and made a shocking discovery – the medication was used for abortions. In that moment, she realized that her babies had been lost due to a prescription mixup.

The Series of Errors at CVS Pharmacy

According to documents obtained by news outlet 8 News Now, multiple technicians and pharmacists at the North Las Vegas CVS location were involved in a “series of errors” that led to Thomas being given the wrong medication.

One technician entered the wrong name into Thomas’ prescription, assuming she knew the generic name for the brand prescribed by the doctor. A pharmacist failed to catch the error, and another pharmacist didn’t counsel Thomas when she picked up her medication.

If the pharmacy staff had asked Thomas about her medical history, they would have realized the mistake. But unfortunately, this crucial step was missed.

Legal Proceedings and Apologies

Timika Thomas filed a complaint with the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy, which held a hearing on the matter in September. Thomas testified about the devastating experience, expressing her pain and loss.

After hearing Thomas’ testimony, the two pharmacists involved were fined and had their licenses temporarily suspended. They will have the opportunity to have their licenses reinstated if they comply with certain conditions, including staying free from disciplinary actions for the next 12 months and completing continuing education credits.

During the hearing, one pharmacist tearfully admitted that the mistake was due to human error. The Nevada State Board of Pharmacy also fined CVS Pharmacy the maximum amount allowed by statute, citing the company’s vicarious liability for the pharmacists’ errors.

In response, CVS Pharmacy issued a statement apologizing for the incident and emphasizing the importance of prescription safety. However, for Timika Thomas, the apology and legal proceedings are hardly enough. Her grief and loss cannot be erased by a mere apology.

Looking Towards the Future

It remains uncertain whether Timika Thomas will file a lawsuit regarding the incident due to a three-year statute of limitations in Nevada. Despite the legal limitations, her voice and story serve as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and attention to detail in the field of pharmacy.

The tragic loss of her unborn twins could have been prevented if the correct medication had been provided. This devastating incident highlights the need for improved protocols, training, and oversight to ensure that such errors do not occur in the future.

As for Timika Thomas, her pain and grief will continue to linger, even as she speaks out about her experience. No amount of compensation or legal action can bring back her precious babies, but she hopes that her story will raise awareness and encourage changes that prevent similar tragedies from happening to other families in the future.

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