Did Jack Osbourne Reflect on Mom’s Potentially ‘Paranormal’ Medical Scare?

In a recent interview with ET’s Denny Directo, Jack Osbourne opened up about his mom’s mysterious medical scare and hospitalization last year. While Jack isn’t claiming that it was caused by a paranormal force, he also isn’t ruling it out.

The incident occurred when Sharon Osbourne joined Jack on an investigation for his show, “Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror.” They were filming at the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, California, a location known for reports of strange and evil entities.

During the investigation, Jack and Sharon decided to do one more experiment before going to bed. Sharon entered a room, blindfolded herself, and started asking questions to provoke any possible paranormal activity. Suddenly, something strange happened. Sharon’s pulse dropped rapidly, her breathing became shallow, and she became unresponsive.

Thinking it was a stroke or an aneurysm, Jack rushed his mom to the hospital. However, after multiple tests, doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Jack also showed the footage of the incident to several neurologists and cardiologists, but none of them could explain what happened.

What made the incident even more intriguing was that Sharon had made a flippant comment before entering the room, joking that she would get possessed and they could all go home. Little did she know how closely her prediction would resemble what actually occurred.

The experience has strongly impacted Jack’s perspective on paranormal investigations. Previously, he had been skeptical of the existence of evil entities. However, this incident has made him reconsider. He now believes that there is more to the paranormal than just human interpretation and religious beliefs.

Given the severity of his mother’s scare, Jack has decided not to bring her on any more investigations. He has taken his sister, Kelly Osbourne, on a few investigations after his mom’s incident, but he is not likely to involve Sharon in any future haunted endeavors.

Despite the terrifying nature of the incident, Sharon made a quick recovery and was back to shopping just two days later. Thankfully, the medical scare didn’t cause any lasting damage.

The new season of “Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror” is set to premiere on October 1 on the Travel Channel. If you’re interested in exploring the unknown and witnessing some intriguing paranormal evidence, be sure to tune in.