Will Sean McManus retire as CBS Sports Chairman?

After nearly three decades of leadership, Sean McManus, the chairman of CBS Sports, has announced his retirement. McManus has held his current post since 2011 and will be stepping down in April 2024, following CBS’ coverage of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Taking his place as the president and CEO of the division will be David Berson, who has been the president of CBS Sports for the past 10 years.

During his time at CBS Sports, McManus has been praised for his exceptional management skills and his ability to navigate the ever-changing landscape of sports television. He played a crucial role in bringing the NFL back to CBS in 1998 after the network lost the rights to the league’s games to Fox earlier in the ’90s. Additionally, McManus has secured partnerships with various organizations including the NCAA, PGA Tour, PGA of America, The Masters, SEC, and Big Ten, ensuring that CBS Sports remains a prominent player in the sports broadcasting industry.

In a statement, CBS President and CEO George Cheeks expressed his admiration for McManus’s achievements and the culture of excellence he established at CBS Sports. Cheeks believes that McManus’s contributions will continue to benefit CBS and Paramount Global for years to come.

McManus also served as the head of CBS News from 2005 to 2010 before joining CBS Sports as its president in 1996. His extensive experience and expertise have been invaluable in leading CBS Sports to success.

Reflecting on his retirement, McManus expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to lead CBS Sports and work with an incredibly talented team. He believes that he is leaving CBS Sports in a stronger position than when he arrived, highlighting the fact that their marquee properties are secured for years to come. McManus has complete confidence in David Berson, who will take over his role as planned. He describes Berson as an outstanding leader and strategist with a comprehensive understanding of the business.

Berson, who joined CBS in 2011 after a successful tenure at ESPN, has been the president of CBS Sports since 2013. He has played a vital role in acquiring broadcasting rights and talent hires, overseeing the division’s broadcast, cable, and streaming assets. Berson is deeply respected in the industry and is eager to carry on the high standards established by McManus.

Cheeks also shared his confidence in Berson’s abilities, highlighting his brilliance, innovation, and passion for the industry. He believes that Berson’s excellent partnership with McManus over the past decade has positioned CBS Sports for a smooth transition. Cheeks is certain that Berson is the perfect executive to lead CBS Sports into the next chapter.

As McManus prepares to retire, he leaves behind a legacy of success and a strong foundation for CBS Sports. With Berson at the helm, the future of CBS Sports looks promising, and the division will continue to deliver top-quality sports coverage to viewers worldwide.