Is Ryan Seacrest feeling the ‘pressure’ of hosting ‘Wheel of Fortune’?

Ryan Seacrest, a well-known TV personality, presenter, and broadcaster, is set to take on a new challenge as the host of Wheel of Fortune. He will be stepping into the shoes of longtime host Pat Sajak in the fall of 2024, alongside co-host Vanna White. Seacrest expressed his excitement about hosting the beloved show, particularly alongside the legendary Vanna White, whom he described as an important part of the show and beloved by the nation.

Seacrest mentioned that he has had some pleasant communication with White, including exchanging texts. He expressed his admiration for Pat Sajak, describing him as smooth, seamless, and beloved by the country. Seacrest acknowledged that there is a lot of pressure in taking over a hit show with a dedicated fanbase, but he is looking forward to the experience and the opportunity to give away money to people every night.

In a previous interview, Seacrest shared some advice that Sajak had given him after he was announced as the next host. Sajak encouraged him to have a great time and emphasized the fun in giving away money to contestants every night. Seacrest is set to begin his tenure during season 42, while Sajak enjoys his last season as host in season 41.

It’s worth noting that Sajak will still be involved with the show as a consultant for three years after stepping down as host. Seacrest humorously mentioned that Sajak will be bossing him around during this time, jokingly stating that Sajak deserves it.

The transition between hosts has not been discussed yet, as Sajak is currently enjoying his last season and Seacrest will start next year. Seacrest believes it will be a big celebratory season for Sajak and the show.

Overall, Seacrest acknowledges the pressure of taking over a beloved show but remains enthusiastic and excited about the opportunity to host Wheel of Fortune alongside Vanna White. He looks forward to giving away money to contestants every night and meeting the contestants. With his impressive resume and experience in the industry, Seacrest is surely up for the challenge of hosting one of America’s favorite game shows.

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