When did Michael Allio dump Danielle Maltby?

Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio, who met on season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise, have called it quits. This news doesn’t come as a huge shock, considering the low success rate of couples who find love on reality TV. However, what is surprising is the timing of their split.

Maltby revealed on her podcast, The WoMed, that Allio dumped her shortly after she underwent an egg retrieval process. She explained that Allio was very supportive and even brought her a Matcha latte when she woke up from surgery. The couple seemed to be in good spirits, as Maltby had successfully retrieved 11 eggs and froze eight of them.

Unfortunately, the happiness was short-lived, as Maltby claims Allio broke up with her the very next day. She expressed her shock and confusion over the breakup and admitted that she is still processing the pain.

Earlier this year, Maltby moved from Nashville to Cleveland, where Allio resides with his young son, James. It seemed like the pair was serious about building a future together and starting a family of their own. However, their plans were shattered with the sudden breakup.

Maltby revealed that the split happened about two and a half months ago, but she is still deeply affected by it. Allio publicly confirmed the breakup on September 18, emphasizing that their love was there but they weren’t compatible. He praised Maltby for pouring everything into the relationship and expressed his admiration for her.

Throughout the podcast, Maltby opened up about her grief and loss. She spoke about mourning not only the loss of Allio but also the future they had envisioned together. Maltby also mentioned grieving the loss of James, the feeling of safety that Allio provided, and the belief that she was enough in the relationship.

It’s unfortunate that their love story didn’t have a happy ending. However, it’s important to remember that relationships are complex and sometimes things just don’t work out. Maltby and Allio may have gone their separate ways, but they still have great respect and admiration for each other.