Did Sophie Turner troll Joe Jonas with a Taylor Swift reference before their reported breakup?

In a recent lawsuit filed by Sophie Turner against Joe Jonas for the custody of their daughters, she mentioned August 15 as a significant day in the decline of their relationship. Interestingly, just two days before this date, Sophie seemed to be subtly trolling Joe during one of their last public appearances, drawing inspiration from Taylor Swift.

On September 13, Sophie attended one of the Jonas Brothers’ The Tour dates in New York City. Fans quickly noticed a number of details about her outfit that night that appeared to be lightheartedly poking fun at Joe.

In an Instagram post, Sophie revealed that she was wearing multiple friendship bracelets to the concert. These beaded bracelets are commonly associated with Taylor Swift, as her fans, known as Swifties, spent the summer making and exchanging them at her Eras Tour.

What caught people’s attention was one particular bracelet that seemed to spell out the words “Mr. Perfectly Fine.” This happens to be the name of one of Taylor’s songs, which was released as a Vault track on her Fearless album back in 2021.

When the song was released, Joe’s name trended on social media as Swifties speculated that it documented Taylor’s time with the musician. Sophie even made a joke about listening to the song amidst the scrutiny, which prompted a response from Taylor herself.

Shortly after Sophie’s lighthearted reference, the couple’s relationship reportedly began to unravel. A few weeks later, Joe filed for divorce.

In the aftermath of the split, Taylor has shown support for Sophie by joining her for dinner on multiple occasions. Sources have revealed how the actress has been responding to the support.

It’s interesting to see how pop culture references and subtle jabs can sometimes reflect the underlying tensions in relationships. While it’s unclear if Sophie’s trolling had any direct impact on their breakup, it certainly adds an intriguing layer to their story.