How much money did the Showrunners Picket raise for the crew and support staff?

In an unexpected turn of events, a showrunners picket at Fox has managed to raise almost $45,000 to support crew members who have been affected by the ongoing strike. What started as a simple show of solidarity has now become a significant contribution to help those in need.

Strike Captain Amy Berg took the initiative to encourage showrunners to bring gift cards to the picket on September 12. Over 300 showrunners, including well-known names like Steve Levitan, Shawn Ryan, Aline Brosh-McKenna, and Carlton Cuse, participated in the picket and brought along gift cards. Their aim was to provide immediate assistance to support staff who have been negatively impacted by the strike.

On IATSE appreciation day at Fox, Amy Berg distributed the gift cards to 115 people, with plans to mail out more this week to crew members who were unable to attend the event. Berg, known for her work on “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” and “The Alienist,” came up with the idea of distributing gift cards as she wanted a way to offer immediate assistance, without the lengthy application process that other funds require.

Participants in the IATSE appreciation picket received gift cards worth at least $150 for grocery stores and retail outlets like Target. Berg wanted to provide items that everyone could use, ensuring that their contributions were both practical and meaningful. She expressed her gratitude for the incredible generosity of her fellow showrunners, stating that she essentially started a nonprofit within a week thanks to their support.

It’s worth noting that showrunners have already donated over $500,000 to the Entertainment Community Fund recently, with most of the donations being anonymous. These contributions demonstrate the solidarity and support within the entertainment industry during this challenging time.

The positive news of the showrunners’ picket and the significant funds raised brings renewed optimism for a potential resolution to the strike. Both the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) have agreed to meet and negotiate, giving hope that a fair agreement can be reached soon.

The WGA sent a note to its members confirming the upcoming talks, emphasizing their focus on securing a fair deal for writers as quickly as possible. They also encouraged writers to continue demonstrating their commitment to the cause by participating in picket lines and supporting fellow writers, SAG-AFTRA, and other unions’ members affected by the strikes.

Overall, the showrunners’ picket at Fox has not only fostered unity and support within the industry but has also provided much-needed assistance to crew members affected by the strike. The generosity and collective effort of showrunners bode well for the potential resolution of the strike, offering hope for a fair deal for writers and a return to normalcy in the entertainment industry.