What details does the OC’s Party Planner reveal about Gio’s life-size ice sculpture?

In the second season of “Selling the OC,” one cast member decided to celebrate a major milestone in a unique and extravagant way. After reaching $100 million in sales, realtor Gio Helou enlisted the help of event planner Kat Johann, owner of Parties by the Sea, to throw a party in his honor. Little did anyone know that the highlight of the event would be a life-size ice sculpture of Gio himself.

Johann surprised Gio with the idea of creating a sculpture that looked just like him, and he loved the concept. The final creation was almost as tall as Gio, who stands at about 5’10”. The cast members were so blown away by the sculpture that they even started talking to it as if it were Gio himself.

“The cast’s reactions when they walked in and saw the ice sculpture were priceless,” says Johann. “It was a lot of work, but it turned out beautifully, and the ice sculpture truly stole the show.”

The “Selling Sunset” franchise is known for its extravagant parties, and “Selling the OC” certainly lived up to the reputation. From infamous “Burgers and Botox” broker’s opens to zebra-friendly engagement parties, the show always sets the bar high. With a new cast and plenty more to explore, Johann took on the challenge of bringing the party to the next level.

Johann was given just one week to plan the 100 Million Dollar Sale party, but she didn’t let the tight deadline stop her. In addition to the life-size ice sculpture, she also designed a custom ice luge for the cast to take shots off of. The luge featured engravings of “Selling the OC” and “Gio’s 100 Million” on the sides, adding an extra touch of luxury to the celebration.

As for what’s to come in future seasons of “Selling the OC,” we can’t say for sure. But one thing is certain: Johann will continue to bring her expertise and creativity to create more spectacular parties. So stay tuned for more jaw-dropping events and over-the-top celebrations.