Did Tiffany Haddish really harass and photobomb Shakira at the VMAs?

Tiffany Haddish Claps Back at Critics Accusing Her of ‘Harassing,’ Photobombing Shakira at VMAs

Tiffany Haddish went viral on social media after the 2023 MTV VMAs for photobombing Video Vanguard winner Shakira numerous times and a video where she followed her shouting the singer’s name. Some fans accused Haddish of “harassing” Shakira, but the comedian clapped back at the criticism, expressing her gratitude for the attention.

The incident occurred when Haddish shouted “Shakira! Shakira!” while the Colombian singer was making her way through a room and posing for selfies. Haddish was captured photobombing at least one picture, while Shakira’s expression remained unreadable. Eventually, the two stars did pair up for their photo opportunity, seemingly unaffected by the incident.

However, the online backlash continued to grow throughout the week, with fans expressing their disapproval of Haddish’s actions. Nevertheless, Haddish took to social media to address the criticism. She posted on X (formerly Twitter), thanking everyone for making her more famous and relevant. She humorously stated that the attention was driving her detractors crazy because they desired to be where she is, but that will never happen.

This was her second response to the growing backlash. Previously, she responded to a video shared by Pop Crave, which showcased the incident and some of the photos. Haddish humorously suggested that if people believed she did too much, then they should support Shakira by buying her new album. She acknowledged that the experience made her realize just how popular she truly is, and she appreciated all the opinions.

While some fans sympathized with Haddish and found the incident amusing, others criticized her for not knowing when to end a joke and deemed her behavior embarrassing. Nonetheless, Haddish remained unbothered and continued to express her gratitude for the attention she received.

Many Twitter users joined the conversation and shared their opinions on the incident, with some finding it cringey and others finding it hilarious. Overall, it seems that the incident created quite a buzz on social media, with fans and critics alike engaging in the discussion.

Regardless of the mixed reactions, Tiffany Haddish made an impact with her photobombing and following of Shakira at the VMAs. While some may see her actions as inappropriate or annoying, Haddish’s clapping back at her critics shows that she is unapologetically herself and appreciates the attention, whether positive or negative.