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Can *NSYNC overcome a roadblock for a highly profitable reunion tour in 2024?

The possibility of an *NSYNC reunion tour has been a hot topic of discussion among fans ever since their onstage reunion at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. The excitement only grew when the announcement of a new song release was made. However, as fans eagerly await news of a potential tour, recent data has provided insight into just how much money the quintet could make if they decided to hit the road again.

According to Billboard, an *NSYNC reunion tour could bring in a staggering $100 million if they were to embark on a 40-show run. This would mean each member of the group could potentially earn around $10 million, with a nightly net income of approximately $265,000. These numbers make it evident that a reunion tour would not only be a nostalgic delight for fans but also a lucrative venture for the band members.

Unfortunately, despite the enticing financial prospects, there are currently no plans for a tour. Additionally, even if there was interest, there is a major roadblock for a potential 2024 show: Justin Timberlake’s own tour plans. The talented singer-songwriter recently released a new song featuring some familiar faces, and it appears that he is gearing up for a large-scale solo tour. With this in mind, it seems unlikely that the band will be able to coordinate their schedules for a reunion tour in the near future.

While fans may be disappointed by this news, it is worth noting that *NSYNC’s recent reunion and the anticipation surrounding their new song release have already created a renewed excitement for the beloved boy band. Their timeless music continues to resonate with audiences, and the possibility of future collaborations or performances cannot be completely ruled out.

In conclusion, an *NSYNC reunion tour has the potential to generate significant financial success, with estimates suggesting earnings of $100 million. However, the current scheduling conflicts and individual projects of the band members, particularly Justin Timberlake’s own tour plans, make a 2024 reunion tour unlikely. Nevertheless, fans can still delight in the recent reunion and eagerly await any future developments from the iconic boy band.