Does the ‘scary’ video depict massive flooding in HBCU dorm, displacing students?

The city of Atlanta experienced severe storms on Thursday night, leading to massive flooding at a historically black college and university (HBCU). Clark Atlanta University dorms were submerged underwater due to flash flooding in the area. According to the Fox 5 Storm team, over two inches of rain fell in less than an hour, causing flooding in Downtown Atlanta and the Atlanta University Center. The heavy rainfall was estimated to be around three hours’ worth in just a few minutes.

Videos shared on social media depicted submerged cars and bystanders struggling to assist those trapped in their vehicles. The situation was dire for students at Clark Atlanta University, as shown in videos shared by Ashley Clark on Facebook. The dorms were flooded, the power was out, and even elevators were affected. Clark Atlanta student Cherish Turner described the experience as scary, with floodwaters engulfing the surrounding area.

Clark Atlanta University took immediate action to support affected students. A spokesperson stated that students residing in the flooded areas are being relocated to new housing. They will continue to assess the impact of the severe weather conditions. Mayor Andre Dickens of Atlanta also reassured the city and expressed gratitude to the first responders for their efforts.

The intense storms led to flash flooding incidents across the metro area. Preliminary rain gauges indicated an exceptional amount of rainfall within a short duration. While some areas are still dealing with flooding issues, water levels are receding in most affected areas. Mayor Dickens personally reached out to presidents of other universities, including Atlanta University Center, Georgia Tech, and Georgia State University, to offer support.

In situations like these, it is essential to acknowledge the swift response of emergency personnel, including the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department, Atlanta Police Department, E-911 personnel, Department of Watershed Management, Department of Public Works, and other community members. Their dedication helps protect, care for, and support the people of Atlanta during emergency situations.

The flooding incident at Clark Atlanta University serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of storms and the importance of being prepared. As the city recovers from this event, it is crucial to continue addressing the effects of severe weather and implementing necessary measures to mitigate future risks.