Is Harvey Price facing serious health problems as Katie provides a challenging update?

In a recent episode of her podcast, “The Katie Price Show,” Katie Price opened up about her son Harvey’s health issues. Harvey was taken to the hospital earlier this week and has been experiencing problems with his ear. According to Katie, he kept phoning her and even had to have his ear syringed at the hospital.

Harvey, who lives at a residential college, where he learns to be more independent while still having healthcare professionals available, has been struggling with his behavior. Katie mentioned that he wanted to stay in a hotel, most likely because he enjoys the idea of room service.

Katie expressed that she missed Harvey and was looking forward to seeing him, but his behavior has been particularly challenging lately. She thanked the healthcare team that takes care of her son and acknowledged that he’s going through a difficult time.

Aside from Harvey’s health update, Katie also discussed her TikTok account and her plans to star in a Christmas pantomime. During the show, Katie and her sister Sophie speak candidly about various topics. Katie has previously admitted that she doesn’t have many friends and has lost many people throughout her party days.

In addition to her personal life, Katie is currently facing legal issues regarding her claims of bankruptcy. There have been reports that she may have to sell her Mucky Mansion home.

Overall, it seems that Katie Price is going through a challenging time, both personally and with her son’s health. She remains hopeful and appreciative of the support she has received from the healthcare team.