Does Kevin Bacon express a desire to collaborate with Taylor Swift?

Kevin Bacon, the 65-year-old actor and music artist, has expressed his desire to perform with Taylor Swift. Bacon, who formed the band The Bacon Brothers with his brother Michael in 1994, recently revealed his hopes for a collaboration with Swift, despite the slim chances of it happening.

During an appearance on SiriusXM’s Pop Culture Spotlight With Jessica Shaw, Bacon mentioned that Taylor Swift is at the top of his list of artists he wants to share the stage with. He humorously referred to his list as the “NFW [No F—ing Way] list,” and declared that Swift is the right answer to the question of who’s next.

Although Bacon has a high regard for the 33-year-old singer, he admitted that he has never attended any of Swift’s concerts, including her recent Eras tour. However, he expressed his admiration for her songwriting skills and the positive messages she conveys to young women.

While Bacon acknowledges that a performance with Swift is unlikely to happen, he offered an alternative proposal of having her appear on his podcast, Six Degrees With Kevin Bacon. He extended an invitation to Swift, saying, “Hey, if you’re listening, come on.”

In other news, it was recently revealed that Olivia Rodrigo, another music star, also hasn’t attended Swift’s Eras tour. It seems that there are quite a few celebrities who are yet to experience the magic of a Taylor Swift concert.

It remains to be seen if Bacon’s wish will come true, but it is clear that he has a great admiration for Taylor Swift and her musical talents. Swift’s fans, known as Swifties, would undoubtedly be thrilled to see this collaboration come to fruition.