What did Whoopi Goldberg say to Alyssa Farah Griffin after asking if she’s pregnant on live TV?

In a recent episode of “The View,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg surprised everyone when she asked Alyssa Farah Griffin if she was pregnant. The question came up during a discussion about Mitt Romney’s decision not to seek a second Senate term. Alyssa, the former White House director of strategic communications under the Trump administration, has now shared her reaction to the moment.

During an episode of the “Behind the Table” podcast, Alyssa laughed about the exchange and chose to take Whoopi’s comment as a compliment. She said, “Whoopi, she thinks out loud sometimes, and I chose to take it as a compliment—that I’m glowing. She’s so sweet.”

Alyssa also revealed that Whoopi followed up with her after the show’s commercial break. She said, “At the break, she was apologizing to me and giving me the heart sign. That’s what makes the show fun. It’s completely unpredictable. I thought we were talking about Mitt Romney, but then we were talking about my pregnancy plans of the future—which just again, headline news, I am not pregnant at this time.”

According to Alyssa, Whoopi explained why she posed the question in the moment. She shared, “Whoopi said to me after, she’s like, ‘It just came over me, I don’t know what happened. It was like a vision,’ and she felt that it just came out of her.”

The exchange between Whoopi and Alyssa is a great example of the spontaneous nature of “The View.” The hosts often engage in unexpected conversations that provide viewers with surprising and entertaining moments. Alyssa’s ability to take Whoopi’s comment in stride demonstrates her sense of humor and ability to roll with the punches.

“The View” has gained popularity over the years for its diverse panel of co-hosts, who bring different perspectives and personalities to the show’s discussions. The unpredictable nature of the show keeps viewers engaged and eager to see what happens next.

While the pregnancy question may have taken Alyssa by surprise, it’s clear that there are no hard feelings between her and Whoopi. The fact that Whoopi apologized and made a heart sign during the break shows the camaraderie and mutual respect among the co-hosts.

As the episode aired, Alyssa found humor in the situation, highlighting the lighter side of the show. It’s important to remember that moments like these add an element of fun and spontaneity to “The View,” making it a unique and entertaining talk show.

In conclusion, Alyssa Farah Griffin’s reaction to Whoopi Goldberg’s pregnancy question on “The View” shows her lightheartedness and ability to handle unexpected situations. The exchange between the two co-hosts exemplifies the spontaneous nature of the show and the camaraderie among the panelists. With its diverse panel and unpredictable conversations, “The View” continues to captivate viewers with its unique blend of entertainment and information.

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