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What are Ciara’s classy clapbacks and dream collaborations with iconic rappers?

Ciara recently sat down for an exclusive interview on the latest episode of Stepping Into The Shade Room, where she opened up about her classy clapbacks and revealed which iconic rappers she would love to team up with.

During the interview, Ciara discussed her different vibes as an artist, distinguishing between her “Ciara” and “CiCi” personas. She admitted that her CiCi persona is more likely to engage in feuds and clapbacks. She also highlighted her and Russell Wilson’s subtle yet biting clapback game, emphasizing that her responses are always genuine and reflect how she feels in the moment.

The conversation then shifted to how Ciara handles backlash and negativity. When asked about the selective outrage she faced regarding her 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party dress, Ciara revealed that she believes in her creative vision and finds comfort in the support of her husband, Russell. She emphasized the importance of being confident in oneself and not letting others’ opinions affect her.

In addition to discussing her clapbacks, Ciara shared her aspirations to collaborate with some iconic rappers. She expressed her desire to work with Lil Wayne, stating, “I really want to do a song with Lil Wayne — Weezy F Baby! I’m like, ‘Lemme put it in the universe.'” Ciara also mentioned J. Cole as another artist she admires and would love to collaborate with. Thembi, the host, suggested that Ciara and Victoria Monét could create some incredible music together, to which Ciara responded, “She’s so talented.”

The interview concluded with a teaser for the full episode of Stepping Into The Shade Room, where fans can catch the entire conversation with Ciara.

Ciara’s interview showcased her authentic and confident attitude, as well as her aspirations to collaborate with iconic rappers in the future. Fans can look forward to potential exciting collaborations and Ciara’s continued classy clapbacks.