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Does Kevin Costner mock his wife Christine’s plea for $885,000 in attorney’s fees?

In a recent development in the ongoing divorce battle between actor Kevin Costner and his estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner, things have taken a heated turn. Christine has requested that Kevin pay a whopping $885,000 in attorney’s fees for a single issue in the divorce proceedings. However, Kevin’s lawyer is absolutely flabbergasted by this demand.

The request for such a large sum has left Kevin Costner’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, questioning the rationale behind it. She argues that the fees would supposedly be incurred for a mini-trial over one issue in the prenuptial agreement, specifically whether Christine’s waiver of spousal support is enforceable.

According to Christine’s lawyers, it would take a staggering $885,000 to make their case, and they expect Kevin to foot the bill. However, Wasser has pointed out that to justify this fee based on hourly rates, Christine’s legal team would have to put in an astounding 1,106 hours. Wasser describes Christine’s demand as “nothing short of outrageous.” She also reminds everyone that the judge has already indicated that the prenuptial agreement is enforceable, making Christine’s pursuit a dead end.

This request for attorney’s fees is just the latest legal battle in the divorce proceedings, and unfortunately for Christine, she hasn’t fared well thus far. In fact, she has lost most of the legal battles and has ended up worse off compared to if she had settled with Kevin. For instance, Christine originally wanted a staggering $248,000 a month in child support, but Kevin rejected this request and claimed that a more reasonable amount would be $63,000. Despite Kevin’s offer to pay her $75,000 a month, Christine declined and opted to fight it out in court. Ultimately, the judge ruled in Kevin’s favor, stating that $63,000 was the appropriate amount.

To make matters worse for Christine, Kevin has already paid her $300,000 in legal fees. It has also been alleged that she took $105,000 from Kevin’s accounts to support her own legal team.

If Christine chooses to challenge the prenuptial agreement and loses, she will not only have to return over a million dollars that Kevin gave her but also pay his lawyer’s fees.

The ongoing divorce battle between Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner has taken yet another contentious turn. Will Christine’s demand for attorney’s fees be granted, or will Kevin’s lawyer’s strongly-worded response sway the judge? Only time will tell how this high-stakes divorce drama will unfold.