What is the dating history of Haley Lu Richardson?

Haley Lu Richardson, known for her roles in movies like “Five Feet Apart” and “The Edge of Seventeen,” has had a short but sweet dating history. Let’s take a look at her past relationships and how they played out.

Richardson started dating Brett Dier in 2012, according to Elle magazine. The couple kept their relationship mostly private over the years, but they did share some milestones with the public. In 2018, Richardson surprised Dier by proposing to him. She later shared the special moment in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

“I didn’t prepare at all. I had no idea when I woke up that morning that I was going to ask someone to marry me that day,” Richardson said. “We were at this outdoor strip mall eating pizza when it happened. When we were crying and having this really amazing moment that I’ll never forget, crying and holding each other and saying, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re going to get married, we’re going to be together forever.’ We were like, ‘We’re gonna have to do something about it’ because we didn’t have any rings. So we went over to this bush and got these twigs and each knelt down one at a time and tied these twigs around our ring fingers.”

However, the couple called it quits in 2020. In November 2022, Richardson took to Instagram to announce their separation, saying they had actually split two years prior. She expressed gratitude for the time they had shared and mentioned that they had both moved on and were doing well. Dier also posted a picture with Richardson and shared a similar sentiment.

Despite the breakup, it seems that both Richardson and Dier have remained friends. It’s always refreshing to see exes maintain a positive relationship after parting ways.

And that’s the short and sweet dating history of Haley Lu Richardson. While her relationship with Brett Dier may have ended, she continues to shine in her career and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her, both personally and professionally.

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