Does Benzino inform Coi Leray that Latto ‘admires’ her after the rapper playfully teases his neck on the ‘Peaches & Eggplants’ Remix?

Coi Leray and her father, Benzino, recently responded to Latto’s apparent diss towards Benzino in her latest feature verse. It all started when Latto tried to mend her relationship with Coi Leray while on stage at Coachella in April. However, Leray took offense to Latto’s previous rap where she mentioned smoking women “big as Coi Leray.” Leray seemed to ignore Latto’s attempt at reconciliation and released a single where she rapped about rolling up “Latto out the bag.”

The remix to rapper Young Nudy’s single, “Peaches & Eggplants,” featuring Latto and fellow female rapper Sexyy Red, was released on Friday. To promote the single’s music video, Latto shared a carousel of photos and videos on Instagram, including a snippet where she mentioned Benzino alongside a picture of him.

Leray took to X to seemingly respond to Latto’s mention of her father. She tweeted, “Someone find me a pic of Karen.” However, Latto wasn’t fazed and went on Instagram Live to explain her lyrics about Benzino. She clarified that mentioning “Give me that neck like Benzino” meant that it was already taken or gone.

Leray then shared a screenshot of a text exchange with her father, Benzino, on X. In the messages, Benzino told Leray that Latto “admires her” and even poked fun at his own “most famous neck on earth.” Leray remarked on how these little situations bring them together.

The ongoing tiff between Latto and Coi Leray has caught the attention of fans. It will be interesting to see how this feud unfolds and if there will be any further responses from either party.

What do you think of this ongoing beef between Latto and Coi Leray?

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