Bebe Rexha Enforces Zero-Tolerance Policy on Audience Members Throwing Objects on Stage

  • Bebe Rexha enforces zero-tolerance policy on audience members throwing things on stage
  • Threated to take legal action against fan who attempted to toss something
  • Previously injured by a cell phone thrown during a show, leading to arrest and felony assault charge


Hey there, let me tell you about the drama that went down at a Bebe Rexha concert in Norway. So, Bebe, the queen herself, was doing her thing on stage when some cheeky fan tried to throw something at her. Big mistake. Bebe wasn’t having it, oh no. She stopped the show, put on her serious face, and threatened to take legal action against the culprit. Yikes!

She was like, “If you hit me with something, I’ll take you for everything you’ve done. Do not mess with me.” And she’s not bluffing, folks. This isn’t the first time she’s kicked out fans for trying to rain on her parade.

Bebe even called out the audience, asking them to point out the troublemaker. “Which one of you did it? Show me!” Classic Bebe, no time for nonsense. And sure enough, the guilty party got the boot, escorted out by security while the crowd said their goodbyes.

And can you blame Bebe for being on edge? I mean, she already had a run-in with a flying cell phone in New York that landed her in the hospital. Some dude thought it would be funny to chuck his phone at her. Not cool, bro. The guy got arrested for felony assault, so justice was served.

Fast forward to Green Bay, where Bebe was performing and people started throwing things at her again. She shut that down real quick, warning the audience, “Hit me and I’ll press charges. I wouldn’t mind getting richer.” Hey, a girl’s gotta protect herself, right?

Bebe’s not messing around when it comes to her safety, and you gotta respect that. So next time you’re at a concert, remember: don’t mess with Bebe Rexha, or you might just end up on the wrong side of the barricade. Stay safe out there, folks!

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