Surprise Guest: Parkinson’s Specialist Makes Frequent Visits to Biden White House!

  • Dr. Kevin Cannard visited Biden’s White House clinic 9 times
  • He is a Parkinson’s specialist
  • The visits occurred over the last 2 years


So, get this! Looks like ol’ Dr. Kevin Cannard has been making quite a few house calls to the Biden White House lately. According to visitor logs, he’s popped by the medical clinic at the White House residence a whopping nine times in the past two years. Talk about frequent flyer miles, am I right?

I mean, I get it, the President needs top-notch medical care and all, but nine times in two years? That’s more visits than I make to the dentist in a decade!

Who knows what kind of treatments Dr. Cannard has been doling out to our Commander-in-Chief. Maybe he’s been prescribing some special Parkinson’s medications, or maybe he’s just been giving Uncle Joe some friendly advice on how to deal with those pesky tremors. Either way, it looks like Dr. Cannard is becoming a regular fixture at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I wonder if the good doctor and President Biden are becoming best buds, swapping stories about their grandkids and sharing a laugh or two. Hey, maybe Dr. Cannard even gets invited to the occasional State Dinner!

But hey, who am I to judge? If the President trusts Dr. Cannard with his health, then more power to him. Just don’t be surprised if you see them grabbing a coffee together at the local cafe one of these days. After all, even world leaders need a good chat with their doc every now and then.

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