Tori Spelling Lets Loose: Unveiling Her Juiciest Secrets with a Twinkle in Her Eye!

  • Tori Spelling used her son’s diaper as a makeshift toilet during a traffic jam
  • She couldn’t hold it in and had to improvise on the spot
  • Tori found a diaper in her bag and used it to relieve herself, showing her resourcefulness.


Hey guys, you won’t believe the crazy stuff Tori Spelling has been spilling on her podcast! Get ready for some jaw-dropping revelations that will leave you shook.

So, Tori shared this hilarious (and slightly gross) story about when her son Beau was still in diapers. She found herself stuck in traffic in LA and suddenly realized she needed to pee like, right now. We’ve all been there, am I right?

But instead of holding it in like a champ, Tori rummaged through her bag of tricks (aka her “Tori Poppins bag”) and voila, she found a diaper. And guess what she did? Yup, she put on that diaper and peed in it like a champ. Talk about resourceful, right?

I mean, who needs a bathroom when you’ve got a spare diaper lying around, am I right? Tori even joked that it comes in handy, so take notes, folks.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll definitely be raiding my bag for spare diapers next time I’m stuck in traffic. Thanks for the tip, Tori! Share this article with your friends so they can enjoy a good laugh too. Happy peeing, everyone!

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