George Galloway Stalked by Real-Life Martha from “Baby Reindeer” in 1980s – Supports Harvey’s Lawsuit Against Netflix

  • George Galloway claims he was stalked by real-life Martha from “Baby Reindeer” in the late 1980s
  • Stalking involved numerous phone calls and unexpected appearances at Galloway’s office
  • Galloway supports Harvey’s lawsuit against Netflix, saying they misrepresented her actions


Hey there, so I just stumbled upon this crazy story about George Galloway getting stalked by the real-life Martha from “Baby Reindeer.” Like, can you imagine that?! According to Galloway, this whole stalking ordeal went down in the late 1980s, with Fiona Harvey allegedly blowing up his phone and showing up uninvited at his office and other random places. Talk about persistent!

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Galloway spilled the tea on how Harvey would just pop up wherever he and his crew were hanging out. And get this – she never even threatened him or anything, but he still felt a tad nervous that her obsession might take a dangerous turn. Yikes!

But here’s the kicker – Harvey is now suing Netflix for a whopping $170 million over defamation and negligence, claiming she’s been painted in a bad light. Like, girl, get that bag! Galloway, on the other hand, surprisingly wished her the best in her legal battle against Netflix, even though he acknowledged that she did some shady stuff according to the streaming giant. Drama, drama, drama!

So yeah, that’s the latest gossip on this wild situation. Who knew real life could be this juicy, right? If you’re as shook as I am, share this article with your pals and let them in on the scandalous details too! Cheers to real-life drama unfolding on our screens – can’t wait to see how this all pans out!

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