TV Stars Prefer Friendship Over Romance: Ayo Edebiri and Jenna Ortega Speak Out

  • Actors prefer friendship over romance on TV shows
  • Ayo Edebiri and Jenna Ortega express their preferences for their characters’ relationships
  • Edebiri suggests therapy for potential romance, Ortega against love triangles


Hey there TV show fans! So, have you ever watched a show and thought, “Hmm, these two characters would make a cute couple”? Well, turns out not all TV stars are on board with potential romances for their characters.

Take Ayo Edebiri, for example. When fans started shipping Sydney and Carmy on The Bear, Ayo was like, “Hold up, let’s pump the brakes on that romance train.” She told Us Weekly, “They’ve got so much baggage, they need like two seasons of therapy before they even think about getting together.”

Then there’s Jenna Ortega, shutting down all the romance surrounding Wednesday Addams on her show. She’s like, “Nah, Wednesday ain’t about that love triangle life.” Preach, girl!

I mean, can you blame them? If I had to watch my character get tangled up in some messy love triangle, I’d be waving my hands in the air like, “Not today, Satan!”

So, let’s raise a glass to these TV stars who are keeping it real and putting friendship over romance on the small screen. And hey, if you’ve got any juicy gossip about other stars who are standing up against potential romances for their characters, hit me up! Let’s spill the tea together. Cheers!

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