Dee Snider: A Message of Unity, Freedom, and Women’s Rights in the Upcoming Election

  • Dee Snider emphasizes that freedom is for everyone, regardless of personal beliefs or preferences
  • He urges people to consider the rights at stake in the upcoming election, particularly focusing on women’s rights
  • Dee Snider advises against getting caught up in political theatrics and instead promotes his biographical documentary airing on A&E


Hey there, rockers and freedom fighters! Today we’re diving into the world of Dee Snider, the legendary frontman of Twisted Sister, who’s got some important words to share about politics, freedom, and unity.

So, Dee Snider recently spoke out about the upcoming Presidential election, and he’s got a message for all of us. He says that whether you’re a gun-toting enthusiast or a pro-choice advocate, we all need to come together and fight for each other’s rights. That’s right, folks, freedom is for everyone, not just for one specific group.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Dee emphasized the importance of looking at the bigger picture when it comes to politics. He pointed out that while we may have our own individual beliefs and causes that we’re passionate about, we also need to stand up for the rights of others. It’s all about solidarity and recognizing that we’re all in this together.

Dee specifically highlighted the issue of women’s rights as a key focus for him. He urged people to consider what rights are at stake in this election and to stand up for those who may be marginalized or overlooked.

But Dee isn’t just all about politics. He’s also got some rock ‘n’ roll wisdom to share. He recently advised viewers to skip the Biden vs. Trump debate and check out his biographical doc instead. In it, he opens up about the rivalry between Sebastian Bach and his former band, Skid Row. Sounds like a juicy watch!

Speaking of Sebastian Bach, Dee shared some insights about their relationship. Despite being close friends, Dee acknowledged that egos and tensions can get in the way of reunions and collaborations. Until everyone involved is willing to let go of their pride and come together, it looks like the chances of a Skid Row reunion are slim.

Ultimately, Dee’s message is one of unity, understanding, and respect for one another’s rights and beliefs. As we navigate the turbulent waters of politics and society, let’s remember that freedom is a collective effort. So, let’s rock on, fight for what’s right, and stand together for a better, freer future for all.

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