Will John Mulaney host the Oscars and more talk shows? He says, “I’m open.”

  • John Mulaney is open to the idea of hosting more talk shows and possibly even hosting the Oscars.
  • He is not opposed to the idea and seems to be considering it as a potential future opportunity.
  • Mulaney’s relaxed attitude and willingness to explore new avenues show his openness to taking on different hosting roles in the future.


In the midst of the swirling rumors and speculations surrounding his career, the talented comedian and actor, John Mulaney, is weighing the possibility of taking on more talk shows and even hosting the prestigious Oscars. Mulaney, known for his witty humor and sharp wit, has hinted that he is open to the idea of expanding his presence in the world of television and entertainment.

The prospect of Mulaney delving further into the realm of talk shows is certainly an exciting one for fans of his work. With his quick wit, charismatic personality, and knack for engaging storytelling, he would undoubtedly be a refreshing addition to the late-night talk show circuit. Mulaney has already proven his hosting skills with his acclaimed stand-up specials and his stint as a writer on “Saturday Night Live.” His unique brand of humor and charm would make for a compelling and entertaining talk show host.

Mulaney has also expressed interest in potentially hosting the Oscars, a dream gig for many entertainers in the industry. The Oscars, known as the most prestigious awards ceremony in Hollywood, would provide Mulaney with a platform to showcase his talent and humor on a global stage. With his experience in stand-up comedy and television, Mulaney has the skills and charisma to captivate audiences and make the Oscars ceremony a memorable and entertaining event.

While Mulaney is keeping his options open and weighing his next career moves, fans are eagerly anticipating the possibility of seeing him take on more talk shows and hosting gigs. His wit, charm, and comedic timing have endeared him to audiences around the world, and he would undoubtedly bring a fresh and exciting energy to any show or event he hosts.

As Mulaney considers his future in the world of entertainment, fans can look forward to potentially seeing him grace their screens more frequently in the coming months and years. Whether he decides to take on a new talk show or step into the role of Oscars host, one thing is certain – Mulaney’s talent and humor will continue to shine through and entertain audiences everywhere.

John Mulaney’s potential foray into more talk shows and hosting the Oscars is an exciting prospect for fans and entertainment enthusiasts alike. With his charm, wit, and comedic talent, Mulaney has the potential to make a significant impact in the world of television and awards ceremonies. As fans eagerly await his next career move, one thing is certain – John Mulaney’s star is on the rise, and he is ready to captivate audiences with his unique brand of humor and entertainment. Share this article with your friends and family to spread the excitement about John Mulaney’s future endeavors in the world of entertainment!

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