Oak Park Upside Down Delight: Thrilling ride malfunction leaves 28 guests hanging for fun!

  • 28 people rescued from malfunctioning ride at Oaks Park in Portland
  • Riders left dangling upside down on the AtmosFEAR ride
  • No injuries reported, ride closed until further notice


So, imagine this: You’re at Oaks Park amusement park, just outside of Portland, Oregon, enjoying a beautiful day with your friends and family. You decide to hop on the AtmosFEAR ride, excited to feel the rush of adrenaline as you swing upside down. But what you didn’t expect was to get stuck up there with 27 other people, hanging high in the air like a bunch of human bats.

Yes, that’s exactly what happened on a fateful Friday at Oaks Park. A malfunction on the AtmosFEAR ride left 28 people dangling upside down, in need of a rescue mission that involved Portland Fire and Rescue and Oaks Park engineers. Can you imagine the view from up there? Must have been a real head rush, literally.

Thankfully, the firefighters and engineers worked their magic to manually lower the ride and get everyone safely back on solid ground. And the best part? No injuries reported! Well, except for one rider with a pre-existing medical condition who had to go to the hospital for a check-up. But hey, better safe than sorry, right?

Now, this ride, AtmosFEAR, is no stranger to thrill-seekers. It’s been swinging people upside down since 2021 without any prior incidents. But after this little mishap, the park decided to play it safe and close the ride until further notice. Can’t have people dangling in the air like human piñatas, after all.

In a statement, Oaks Amusement Park expressed their gratitude to the first responders and their staff for handling the situation like pros. And they also gave a shoutout to the park guests who followed directions and cleared the way for the emergency responders. Teamwork makes the dream work, folks.

And get this: Oaks Park has been around since 1905! That’s over a century of providing fun and thrills to the good people of Portland. Who would’ve thought that a park that old could still keep things exciting with rides like AtmosFEAR?

So, next time you visit Oaks Park, maybe stick to the merry-go-round or the bumper cars for a while. Let’s give AtmosFEAR a break to sort out its issues, shall we? But hey, accidents happen, right? It’s all part of the thrill-seeking experience. Just maybe not the kind of thrill you were expecting when you decided to swing upside down on a ride.

And hey, if you enjoyed this little tale of upside-down adventures at Oaks Park, why not share it with your friends? They’ll get a kick out of it, I’m sure. And who knows, maybe they’ll think twice before getting on a ride that flips them around like a pancake. Stay safe, stay upright, and keep the thrill alive. See you at the park, folks.

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