MCU Buzz: Giddy Rumors Hint at A Smashing ‘World War Hulk’ Adventure!

  • Fans have long speculated about a World War Hulk movie, and recent rumors suggest Marvel is quietly building towards this storyline through various projects like Spider-Man: Far From Home and WandaVision.
  • The overarching theme focuses on global unease with the rise of superheroes post-Avengers: Endgame, with nations racing to create their own superhuman soldiers, culminating in projects like Captain America 4.
  • Mark Ruffalo hinted at appearing in Captain America 4, where the plot might feature Bruce Banner facing off against a potentially Red Hulk-transformed President Ross, with Harrison Ford stepping into the role.

Marvel Rumor May Reveal ‘World War Hulk’ Plans for the MCU

Alright, Marvel fanatics, buckle up! We all love a good rumor, right? Especially when it involves our favorite green giant, the Hulk. For years, we’ve heard whispers about a potential World War Hulk movie, but alas, those murmurs never matured into more than wishful thinking.

However, hold onto your hats, because a new rumor has just dropped, and it claims that Marvel Studios has been sneakily planting the seeds for an epic World War Hulk storyline. Yes, you read that right. Marvel might just be gearing up for something colossal.

Strings Attached Across Movies and Shows

Our rumor-mongering friend Alex Perez from Cosmic Circus let this one fly. Apparently, Marvel has been carefully stitching together this storyline across a smorgasbord of projects. We’re talking Spider-Man: Far From Home, WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Eternals, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and Secret Invasion. That’s practically the entire MCU buffet right there!

The rumor centers on the world’s rising anxiety around superheroes after the massive shake-up in Avengers: Endgame. With the Avengers all but disbanded, countries are scrambling to develop their own superhuman soldiers. It’s like a global superhuman arms race – can you imagine the chaos?

Building Tension and International Paranoia

This tension seeps through all these movies and shows in subtle ways. For instance, there’s France’s sneaky attempt to snatch Vibranium from Wakanda. And don’t forget about the U.S. covertly gunning for the same precious metal. Plus, the Department of Damage Control is busy handling superhuman incidents left and right. Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?

And if you thought that was intriguing, here’s a juicy tidbit. At a recent CinemaCon, they confirmed that President Ross (yes, the same Ross) wants our dear Sam Wilson – the new Captain America – to pull the band (the Avengers) back together.

The Red Hulk and the Banner Showdown

Can you sense where all this paranoia and espionage might lead? According to Perez, and although it’s a bit of a leap, there’s a possibility that all this will crescendo in Captain America 4. Picture this: nations around the globe eager to create their own Hulks. Suddenly, Bruce Banner faces his worst nightmare – a world filled with gamma-irradiated Hulks! It’s like every Hulk movie on steroids.

But wait, there’s more! Potentially, this could resurrect the Savage Hulk, leading to an epic showdown between Banner and President Ross, who, thanks to a toy leak (yep, good ol’ McDonald’s), will apparently morph into the Red Hulk.

The Mystery of the Villains

Now, let’s talk about Mark Ruffalo. He initially confirmed his appearance in Captain America 4 but later backtracked, calling it a mistake. Hmm, seems a bit fishy, right? But if you peek at the villain roster announced so far for the flick, most of them have ties to the Hulk storyline. The only enigma is Giancarlo Esposito’s character. We don’t know who he’s playing yet, but there’s a good chance he’s connected to this green giant saga, too.

Harrison Ford’s Big Marvel Debut

Then, there’s the question mark surrounding Harrison Ford’s General Thunderbolt Ross. Will he be the main bad guy in Captain America 4, even with his transformation into the Red Hulk? Hard to say. His future role in the MCU post-Brave New World is a big old question mark.

Despite being around since the early MCU days, Thaddeus Ross has mostly been a sidekick. His evolution into Red Hulk in Captain America 4 is set to transform him into an honest-to-goodness villain. Not to mention, this film will be Harrison Ford’s grand Marvel debut, taking up the mantle from the late William Hurt, who first stepped into Ross’s shoes way back in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? Does this rumor have legs, or is it going to fade into the annals of unconfirmed Marvel lore? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: if Marvel Studios is indeed lining up a World War Hulk arc, we’re in for one heck of a ride.

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