Michael Rosenbaum asks James Gunn about absence in Superman movie, Nicholas Hoult cast as Lex Luthor instead

  • Michael Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luthor on Smallville, asked James Gunn why he wasn’t cast in the Superman movie
  • Rosenbaum praised Gunn and expressed his interest in being part of the movie
  • Nicholas Hoult has been cast as Lex Luthor instead of Rosenbaum


Hey there, superhero fans! So, Michael Rosenbaum, known for his iconic portrayal of Lex Luthor on Smallville, recently had a chat with Superman director James Gunn. And guess what? He straight up asked Gunn why he wasn’t cast in the upcoming DCU movie. Talk about bold moves!

Rosenbaum, being the chill dude that he is, shared that he asked Gunn about his absence from the Superman project during Nashville Comiccon. His response? “Why am I not in Superman? Why am I not in the movie somehow?” But hey, no hard feelings from Rosenbaum. He sent some good vibes Gunn’s way, saying he wishes him all the happiness in the world.

Instead of Rosenbaum, Nicholas Hoult will be stepping into the bald shoes of Lex Luthor for Gunn’s Superman. While Rosenbaum’s take on the character was loved by many Smallville fans, maybe it’s for the best that he’s not tackling it on the big screen. Hey, we’ve already seen his killer performance as Lex, right?

Rosenbaum seems to be pretty protective of the character of Lex Luthor, as he made Gunn promise that the 2025 version of the character will have that classic gravitas. He’s all about keeping things genuine and grounded, which is definitely a vibe we can get behind.

So, what do you think? Would Michael Rosenbaum have nailed it as Lex Luthor in James Gunn’s Superman, or is he better off leaving his mark on Smallville? Drop your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to share this article with your fellow superhero enthusiasts! Let’s get chatting about all things Superman!

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