Jon Stewart Feels ‘Reinvigorated’ at ‘The Daily Show’ FYC Event—Guess Who’s Back, Back Again!

  • Jon Stewart, along with Ronny Chieng, Jordan Klepper, Michael Kosta, and Desi Lydic, got together at The Paramount Theater for an Emmy event, where Stewart joked about Trump and hinted he might stick around past November.
  • Stewart shared a bit about his rocky exit from his Apple TV+ show and how Comedy Central wooed him back with a one-night-a-week deal, which he’s found to be awesome.
  • The night was full of laughs with Stewart’s fellow hosts cracking jokes about his return and praising his legendary status, with Chieng even comparing him to Michael Jordan.


Jon Stewart Feels “Reinvigorated” Back at ‘The Daily Show’: A Hilarious Recap of the Emmy FYC Event

Alright folks, grab your popcorn because we’ve got some juicy news from The Paramount Theater, where Jon Stewart and several current members of The Daily Show – including Ronny Chieng, Jordan Klepper, Michael Kosta, and Desi Lydic – gathered for a special Emmy FYC event. Let’s dive into the fun bits!

A Night Full of Laughter and Trump Jabs

Picture this – an hour-long conversation peppered with jokes, political jabs, and some insights into Stewart’s unexpected return. The comedy legend wasted no time poking fun at Donald Trump. When asked if he would consider extending his stay beyond November, Stewart didn’t exactly slam the door shut. Hmm, interesting!

The Hilarious Reason Jon Came Back

Stewart kicked things off by joking that his return was some sort of community service: “I was arrested for 32… 34 felonies and coming back is part of avoiding jail time.” Classic Jon, right?

The Apple TV+ Exit: What’s the Tea?

You know how sometimes you break up with someone because they don’t get your sense of humor? Well, Stewart had a similar fallout with Apple TV+. He quit his show The Problem after, what he described as, “creative differences.” Basically, they weren’t too keen on him saying things he enjoys saying. Oh, Apple, you really missed out!

“Nope!” at First, But Changed His Mind

Comedy Central, on the hunt for a new host after Trevor Noah left in 2022, asked Stewart to return. His initial response? “No.” But when they dangled the offer to return just one night a week, Stewart found it irresistible. He’s been loving it ever since, even heaping praise on his co-hosts who rotate duties from Tuesday through Thursday.

The Other Hosts Have Their Say

Jordan Klepper quipped, “I was like, he’s still alive? What a relief,” when asked about Stewart’s return. Desi Lydic added her own spin: “They say never meet your heroes. I say meet your hero and immediately get on his payroll.”

Klepper also talked about a Zoom call where they all shared the “weird, lonely, strange” experience of hosting The Daily Show. Ronny Chieng likened watching Stewart’s first episode back to seeing “Michael Jordan in ’96 direct the offense again.” He didn’t just stop there; he also credited Stewart with inventing modern American satire. High praise indeed!

The Road Ahead: Conventions and Possibly More Stewart

The team even touched on plans to hit the national conventions, Democratic and Republican alike. Michael Kosta joked, “I have never done a convention… Do you want me to leave the stage for this part of the question?”

Wrapping up the night, Stewart tackled the big question: Would he stay on post-election? “The one thing I will say is I walked away nine years ago because I was burnt[out]. And I don’t feel that right now. I feel reinvigorated,” Stewart shared.

So, What’s Next?

Will Jon Stewart stick around longer? Only time will tell. But for now, it’s great to see him back, firing on all cylinders and reminding us why we fell in love with him and The Daily Show in the first place.

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