Broad City Star Abbi Jacobson Ties the Knot with Actress Jodi Balfour—Details Inside!

  • Abbi Jacobson and Jodi Balfour are officially married! They tied the knot at Public Records in NYC wearing dresses from The Row.
  • The couple met virtually in 2020 and felt an instant connection when they finally met in person at Jacobson’s home in LA.
  • Despite some rain-related hiccups, their indoor wedding was intimate and packed with friends, creating an unforgettable and cozy atmosphere.

Hey there! Guess what? Broad City’s very own Abbi Jacobson has officially tied the knot with actress Jodi Balfour. Yup, that’s right, the hilarious Abbi, who kept us laughing for years, is now a married woman. Their wedding news broke in an interview with Cultured magazine published on Wednesday, June 5. Can you picture it? Public Records in New York City, and they opted for some off-the-rack dresses from The Row. Talk about stylish yet low-key!

Jodi spilled the beans to Cultured, saying, “After so much distance, we wanted the wedding to feel like that first sweaty shoulder moment — total togetherness. I think we did that.” Total togetherness? More like totally adorable!

And of course, Jodi couldn’t keep it in; she had to share the news on Instagram with a heartfelt caption, “We got married!” She even threw in some wedding snaps for all of us to swoon over.

Now, let’s hit rewind a bit. Jodi Balfour, who you might know from Apple TV+’s For All Mankind, first met Abbi virtually in 2020 during — you guessed it — the COVID-19 pandemic. But hold up, that wasn’t just any year for Jodi. She was going through some heavy personal stuff, including the loss of a sibling and a breakup. Pretty rough, huh? But then, boom, in walked Abbi, virtually of course, and Jodi described meeting her as a life-changing milestone.

When they finally met in person at Abbi’s home in Los Angeles, it was like BAM! Love at first sight. Abbi even made Jodi walk to the backyard alone just to have a moment to herself to realize, “Oh God, I’m in love.” How cute is that?

Their wedding day wasn’t without its hiccups. They originally planned for a lovely outdoor setting but had to switch things up due to some unexpected rain. Abbi narrated how magical it all turned out, saying, “It was such kismet because the ceremony was not what we expected, but it was exactly what we’d hoped for.” The guests were cozying up, sitting on stools, peeking through plants, making it such a uniquely intimate wedding.

As for their wedding attire, they both rocked outfits from The Row, founded by none other than Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Can we talk about how chic that is? And in typical Abbi fashion, she joked, “Thanks Mary-Kate.”

Their love story went public in October 2021 when Abbi shared a sweet Instagram post celebrating one year with Jodi. The caption read, “One year with this incredible human. Don’t know how I got so lucky.” Not to be outdone, Jodi also posted a cute picture of them kissing with the caption, “365 days of the best surprise of my life.”

What a journey from a virtual meeting to a rain-baptized wedding, right? These two have been through a lot and have come out even stronger. And their love story is the kind we all dream of—filled with unexpected turns, heartfelt moments, and, of course, a perfect mix of romance and humor.

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