Meet Khloé Kardashian’s Sparkling Stylist: Baby Tatum’s Adorable ‘Dad’ Mistake!

  • Tristan moved in with Khloé last year after his house’s roof collapsed and his mom passed away.
  • He helped take care of their kids, True and Tatum, during that time.
  • Tristan had to move away once he joined the Cleveland Cavaliers to continue his basketball career.

Khloé Kardashian’s Hairstylist haz somezing to say: Baby Tatum Keeps Calling Him “Dad”

You know how life loves to throw little surprises your way? Well, in the Kardashian realm, things are no different. Imagine taking your toddler for a haircut and you find out he’s been calling his hairstylist “dad.” Sounds like a scene straight out of a sitcom, right? Well, that’s exactly what happened with Khloé Kardashian’s son, Tatum.

Let’s dive into this hilariously adorable mishap and how it’s just one more reason to fall in love with this Kardashian-Jenner family saga.

The Setup: Tristan Moves In

So, here’s the backstory you need. After Tristan’s house roof decided to collapse (weird timing, right?), followed by the tragic loss of his mom, Khloé did what any good co-parent would do—she opened her doors wide open for him. For a while, Tristan temporarily moved in with Khloé and their kiddos, True and Tatum. And just like an unexpected sleepover guest who overstays their welcome, Tristan was around to help with the parenting duties.

Helping Hands and Tiny Tatum

While Tristan was temporarily crashing at Khloé’s place, he was a constant figure in the kids’ lives—basically around 24/7. Now, babies are clever, but sometimes they can get their wires a bit crossed. With so many grown-ups around, it’s no wonder Tatum got a bit confused. Enter Khloé’s hairstylist—a frequent visitor and honorary member of the Kardashian household due to all the hair emergencies that must obviously occur.

“It’s Dad!”—But Not Quite

Tatum, being a little munchkin who’s figuring out the world one word at a time, started calling the hairstylist “Dad.” Can you imagine the look on Khloé’s face when she first heard that? Between fits of laughter, correcting Tatum’s tiny tongue-whoops must have become a regular part of their routine.

The hairstylist, on the other hand, must have found his new title as “Dad” both awkward and endearing. Can you blame the kid? No, because it’s hands-down hilarious. Plus, if you’re around often enough, and wielding sharp scissors near someone’s head, you might as well be family.

Tristan’s Basketball Move

When things finally settled a bit, Tristan had to jet off to join the Cleveland Cavaliers, because, well, basketball players gotta do what basketball players gotta do—hoop dreams and all that. This meant leaving the Kardashian clan and their everyday squabbles for a bit, but it wasn’t goodbye forever, just a see-you-later.

In The Long Run

Khloé and Tristan’s co-parenting dynamic, as funny and offbeat as it might seem sometimes, is rather heartwarming. They’ve proven that you can still be a team for your kids, even if you’re not together. So, amidst all the glam, reality TV, and unexpected baby-dad confusions, they’re making it work, one day at a time.

Spread the Laughs

If this little glimpse into Khloé Kardashian’s life, where hairstylists get promoted to “Dad” status, doesn’t make your day, then what will? Life’s too short not to share these quirky, heartwarming (and slightly ridiculous) stories. Pass this along to anyone who needs a laugh or just wants to feel a bit better about their own parenting slip-ups.

Remember, even the Kardashians aren’t immune to the adorable chaos that comes with raising kids.

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