SNL’s Beck Bennett Joins James Gunn’s Superman Movie: Speculation on His Role and the Exciting Impact on the Superman Universe

  • Beck Bennett, known for his time on SNL, is confirmed to join the cast of James Gunn’s upcoming Superman movie.
  • Speculation is high that Bennett may play the role of Steve Lombard, the Daily Planet’s sports reporter, largely due to his new handlebar mustache.
  • Regardless of the exact role, Bennett’s versatile acting background makes his addition to the cast of Superman: Legacy exciting.

Acording to outer space rumors, Beck Bennett, known for his hilarious antics on Saturday Night Live (SNL), has been officially cast in James Gunn’s upcoming Superman movie. Woah, talk about a career leap! But what does this mean for the Superman universe? Let’s dive in.

Alright, superheroes and comic book fans, gather ’round! The buzz is that Superman has perhaps found its Steve Lombard, the ever-so-sassy sports reporter from the Daily Planet, and you’re never gonna guess who it is—an SNL alum! Yep, it seems like Beck Bennett might be the chosen one.

Spotted: Beck Bennett’s Mysterious Mustache

It all started with a cast photo from the Superman set that got fans buzzing. In this snap, a man on the far right sporting a handlebar mustache caught everyone’s eye. And guess what? That man looks a lot like Beck Bennett! For those who may not remember, Steve Lombard is practically defined by that iconic stache in the DC Universe. Put two and two together, and fans are convinced Beck is our guy.

Who is Beck Bennett?

For those of you living under a rock, Beck Bennett graced the SNL stage from 2013 till 2021. He’s the guy who did those hilarious AT&T commercials—yeah, him! He’s well-known for his impressive range in comedic roles. From voicing characters in animated hits like Nimona to acting in indie rom-coms like Plus One, Beck’s got the chops.

Interestingly, comedian Chris Distefano mentioned he auditioned for a reporter role in the Superman reboot, speculated to be none other than Steve Lombard. This implies James Gunn is scouting for a funny guy to nail the reporter’s character, and Beck Bennett checks all those boxes.

What This Means for Superman: Legacy

We’re lightyears away (okay, not literally) from the release of Superman: Legacy, slated to hit the theaters on July 11, 2025. With Bennett likely stepping into Lombard’s shoes, Gunn seems to be blending humor with heroism in his vision for this new iteration.

Why Should You Care?

If you’re a fan of SNL, superheroes, or just happen to love a good laugh, this casting news is pretty epic. Bennett’s entry into the DC Universe isn’t just a win for him, but for fans looking for some fresh, comedic energy in their superhero flicks. And let’s be real, in a universe full of brooding, dark heroes, a little comic relief is always welcome.

What Now?

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on Superman: Legacy. This movie is bound to bring some fresh vibes to the DC Universe, and we’re here for every moment. So set those reminders and mark your calendars; July 11, 2025, is gonna be a blockbuster extravaganza!

In the meantime, why not share this exciting update with your friends? Because what’s better than geeking out together over the latest superhero news?

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