Marta Ezpeleta Named New CEO of The Mediapro Studio, Laura Fernández Espeso Promoted to CEO of Mediapro Group

  • Marta Ezpeleta is now the CEO of The Mediapro Studio, taking over from Laura Fernández Espeso, who’s stepping up as CEO of the entire Mediapro group.
  • Ezpeleta has a rich background, including a long stint at Disney, and has driven major projects like The Head and The Good Boss.
  • Javier Esteban is stepping into Marta’s old role as the new international director at TMS.

Marta Ezpeleta Takes the Helm at The Mediapro Studio!

Hey there! Did you hear the exciting news? There’s been a big shake-up over at The Mediapro Studio—a production and distribution powerhouse in Spain—and Marta Ezpeleta has just been announced as the new CEO!

Passing the Torch

Marta is stepping into the shoes of Laura Fernández Espeso, who has been promoted to CEO of the entire Mediapro group. No small feat, right? Laura had some sweet words for her successor, saying, “Marta’s vision, professionalism, and dedication have been instrumental to the Studio’s growth and global expansion. I have worked closely with her and am confident she will excel in leading our world-class production team.”

From Disney Magic to Spanish Cinema

A little background on Marta if you’re not already a fan: she joined Mediapro back in 2019 after a 20-year stint at The Walt Disney Company in Spain. Yep, you heard that right. Two decades at Disney. At Disney, she was the queen of content distribution and marketing for the region. Now at The Mediapro Studio, she’s been the guru behind the international success of hit series like The Head, Paraíso, and Express. Oh, and let’s not forget some blockbuster features like The Good Boss with Javier Bardem and Official Competition starring Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas. You’ve probably binge-watched and loved at least one of these!

Grateful and Ready to Roll

When asked about her new gig, Marta said, “I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to build on the exceptional work of Laura and the entire Mediapro team. The Studio’s courageous, community-focused storytelling is a point of immense pride, and I look forward to continuing this mission.” Aww, isn’t she the best?

The New International Wizard

But wait, there’s more! Javier Esteban is stepping up to fill Marta’s previous role as the international director at TMS. Just like Marta, Javier also hails from Disney and joined Mediapro’s distribution team in 2019. Laura had more nice things to say, adding, “Javier’s strategic mindset, results-driven approach and international expertise make him ideally suited for overseeing our global content operations.”

A Powerhouse in Television

In case you didn’t know, Laura herself got quite the nod recently. Earlier this year, she was named Mediapro’s new general manager following the exit of GM Juan Ruiz de Gauna. She’s been listed as one of the most powerful women in international television in 2023. Talk about a boss move!

So, what do you think? Pretty cool stuff, right? The Mediapro Studio is clearly in some highly capable hands, and we can’t wait to see what exciting projects they have in store for us next.

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