The Not-So-Wholesome Story Behind Joey Gladstone’s Name on Full House

  • Dave Coulier revealed that Joey Gladstone’s name is a playful nod to being stoned, tying into his comedian roots.
  • He got to choose his character’s last name, and the creator Jeff Franklin approved it with a laugh.
  • The behind-the-scenes of Full House is filled with quirky stories, like John Stamos getting the Olsen Twins briefly fired.

Alright folks, gather ’round and get ready for a revelation that might just blow your childhood mind. You remember Joey Gladstone, right? The guy with the endless collection of quirky voices and the ultimate woodchuck puppet on Full House? Well, turns out his last name has a backstory that’s a bit, uh, less wholesome than the Tanner family’s life lessons.

So, Dave Coulier – yes, the man behind Joey Gladstone himself – just dropped a bombshell about how his character got his surname, and let’s just say it’s not quite what you’d expect from a family sitcom. On his Full House rewatch podcast (yep, that’s a thing), Coulier shared that he was given the freedom to come up with his character’s last name.

"I got to pick my own last name, did you know that?" Coulier reminisces. "Jeff [Franklin, the creator of the series] was like, ‘I’m trying to get a last name for your character,’ and I was like, ‘How about Gladstone?’ And Jeff laughed and went, ‘All right, sounds good.’"

But wait, there’s more. The origin of ‘Gladstone’ is pretty cheeky. "I always thought it was a funny name. It was almost like, ‘I’m glad that I’m stoned.’ You know, I’m a comedian, so that’s what I thought," Coulier said. Who knew the friendly, goofy Joey Gladstone’s name had a not-so-family-friendly twist? Cut-it-out!

This isn’t the only backstage secret from the Full House set. John Stamos, who played the ever-so-cool Uncle Jesse, once spilled the beans about a dramatic moment involving the Olsen Twins. Apparently, little Mary-Kate and Ashley were fired for incessant crying, but Stamos later vouched to get them back. Isn’t that wild? There’s more intrigue in The Unauthorized Full House Story – a candid take starring knock-off versions of the classic characters. You might need a bit of “gladstoning” to fully enjoy that one, though.

Outside the realm of Tanner-town, Dave Coulier’s personal life has its own share of headline-worthy moments. If you’ve ever belted out Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know,” guess who was reportedly the muse? Yep, Coulier was the supposed inspiration behind that scathing ’90s hit.

Coulier later returned to reprise his iconic role in Fuller House, taking on a recurring role and even stepping behind the camera to direct a handful of episodes from seasons two through five. Talk about versatility!

Full House may have enjoyed a long run of eight seasons and nearly 200 episodes, but it wasn’t exactly swimming in awards. Still, about two decades later, the TV Land Awards did recognize it for portraying the Quintessential Non-Traditional Family, which, let’s face it, fits perfectly.

So, there you have it – a peak behind the nearly pristine curtains of Full House reveals just a touch of the rebellious. If you got a chuckle out of this, why not share it with your fellow ’80s and ’90s kids? It might just make their day – or at least give them some amusing trivia to drop at parties. And who knows? Maybe they’ll spread the joy and pass it along.

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