Edie Falco’s Hilarious ‘I’ll Be Right There’ Finds Home with Brainstorm Media—Get Ready to Laugh!

  • Brainstorm Media acquired U.S. rights to the comedy “I’ll Be Right There,” starring Edie Falco.
  • The film, set for a fall 2024 release, features a strong cast including Jeannie Berlin, Charlie Tahan, and Bradley Whitford.
  • Directed by Brendan Walsh, it follows Wanda (Falco) as she juggles family drama and personal dilemmas, highlighting the challenges of caregiving.

Edie Falco’s New Comedy ‘I’ll Be Right There’ Lands at Brainstorm Media!

Hold onto your seats, folks! Brainstorm Media has snagged the U.S. rights to the upcoming comedy “I’ll Be Right There”. If you’re still binging “Nurse Jackie,” then you’ll be thrilled to know that this film reunites the ever-talented Edie Falco with “Nurse Jackie” director Brendan Walsh. It’s like getting the dream team back together – and this time, they brought some fantastic friends along for the ride.

Who’s Who in This Comedy Gem?

Joining Edie are some big names and familiar faces: Jeannie Berlin, Charlie Tahan, Kayli Carter, Michael Rapaport, Michael Beach, Sepideh Moafi, and Bradley Whitford. It’s like a Hollywood potluck where everyone brought their A-game. Brainstorm Media has plans to release the film in theaters in fall 2024. So mark your calendars and prepare your popcorn.

What’s the Film About?

“I’ll Be Right There,” penned by Jeff Beggarly, stars Edie Falco as Wanda. Picture this: Wanda’s juggling her pregnant daughter’s wedding plans, her mom’s health issues, a wayward son, and oh yeah, her own love life. It’s the ultimate balancing act. As she battles these everyday challenges, Wanda realizes that she’s so busy taking care of everyone else, she hasn’t left any time for herself. It’s a comedy, but it’s also super relatable. Who doesn’t sometimes feel like they’re trying to be everything for everyone?

What People Are Saying

Michelle Shwarzstein, the big boss at Brainstorm Media, is all about this film. She said, “We are delighted to bring this funny and relatable film to audiences nationwide. Edie Falco leads a terrific ensemble cast who deliver performances that will both make you laugh and warm your heart.”

And let’s not forget Brendan Walsh, the film’s director. He’s all praises for Edie: “Working with Edie has always been such a pleasure and it was such an honor to direct this project and partner with her again. She was the first to set and the last to leave, and all cast, crew and producers were inspired by her energy and creativity.” Now that’s some high praise!

Behind the Scenes

The film was put together by Peter Block, Cory Neal, Bradley Ross, Walsh, Ross Meyerson, and co-produced by Samantha Cocozza. Edie Falco also chipped in as an executive producer alongside Jesse Eisenberg, who helped develop the script with Beggarly. Talk about a power-packed team!

“I’ll Be Right There” is a collaboration between Open Swim, Tiny Castle Films, and A Bigger Boat. Financed by City Boy Hands (yes, it’s as quirky as it sounds), the film is set to make waves beyond the U.S. as Universal Pictures International will handle distribution outside of North America.

The Business Side

The deal came together thanks to some smart negotiations by Peter Block and Cory Neal from A Bigger Boat Productions, alongside Alex Peters from Brainstorm Media. It’s like the Avengers of film distribution!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! “I’ll Be Right There” promises to be the comedy film you didn’t know you needed but absolutely do. With a star-studded cast and an engaging plot, it’s bound to be a hit. Keep an eye out for its release next fall!

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