Miley Cyrus: Why She Doesn’t See Other Artists as Competition

  • Miley Cyrus doesn’t see other artists as her competition, preferring a celebration mindset.
  • She feels there’s no score to keep in art, unlike athletes in sports.
  • Fans appreciate her refreshing take on not pitting artists against each other.

Miley Cyrus on Not Seeing Other Artists as Competition – And We’re Here for It!

Hey fam! Let’s talk about our girl Miley Cyrus. You know her, you love her – that pop star who’s been turning heads since she was 13 and told us we all got “The Best of Both Worlds” as Hannah Montana. And now, she’s giving us another reason to stan her even harder. Grab your cuppa and settle in because this one’s golden.

Miley’s Humble Beginnings

So, picture this: It’s 2006, and a 13-year-old Miley lands the iconic role of Hannah Montana on Disney Channel. Fast forward a couple of decades, and boom! She’s a mega pop star with Grammys, hit collabs, and unforgettable music videos. Remember the “Wrecking Ball”? Yeah, who could forget that?

Achievements: Miley Style

This year, Miley scooped up two Grammy awards and teamed up with Queen Bey herself for a song on Beyoncé’s country album, Cowboy Carter. Oh, and she’s getting a Disney Legends Award, too! That’s like getting your driver’s license, graduating, and winning a lottery – all in one year. Talk about living her best life!

No More Oscar-Style Rivalries

Now, here’s the tea. In a recent heart-to-heart with W Magazine, Miley said she doesn’t see other artists as competition. Yep, you heard that right. While the rest of the world is busy comparing and pitting artists against each other, Miley’s out here sipping her non-competitive tea and minding her own business. Isn’t it refreshing?

What’s Competition Anyway?

In this zesty interview, she said, “Competition is really of no interest to me.” And you just know Twitter erupted with applause faster than you can say “Achy Breaky Heart.”

She continued, “I don’t think of other artists as opponents. Artists are not the same as athletes, playing a zero-sum game and keeping a score. There isn’t a score in art.”

Let’s just take a second to let that sink in. Imagine if every artist thought this way. No more petty beefs, no more stans going at each other’s throats. Just pure, unfiltered celebration of talent. We could all use a little Miley mindset in our lives, don’t you think?

The Fan Frenzy

Fans are absolutely loving Miley’s zen approach. In a music world where chart manipulations and boosting tactics are the norm, Miley’s “you-do-you” attitude is like a breath of fresh air. Social media’s buzzing with admiration:

  • “Miley’s the queen we need, not the one we deserve.”
  • “Can all artists think like Miley, please?”
  • “This Miley interview is the vitamin C I didn’t know I needed.”

And honestly, same.

The Bigger Picture

Why does this matter? Because folks, in the grand scheme of things, art isn’t about winning some imaginary scoreboard. It’s about expression, connection, and creativity. Miley’s approach reminds us that celebrating others doesn’t dim our own light. In fact, it makes the whole sky brighter.

Sharing is Caring

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So there you go, folks – Miley Cyrus, proving yet again why she’s a gem in the pop universe. Not just for her music, but for her refreshing outlook on life and art. Feeling inspired? Go out there and celebrate someone else today.

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